When I’m training for a race, I run outside. But for everything else, I workout at home. I used to go to the gym religiously but for the last two years it’s been home sweet home all the way. I’ve compiled a list of the top ten reasons WHY.

  1. It’s closer, duh. No driving, which I could say I’m doing to save the environment, but really it’s a HUGE time saver. What used to take me over an HOUR door to door for a 30-minute workout now takes me 35…and that includes the walk down the hall and pressing play on the DVD.
  2. Fewer excuses. I can literally roll out of bed, throw on my gear and I’m there. I can’t exactly say I don’t have time, the gym was closed for renos, the class was too full, I didn’t have my pass…
  3. No one judging my ability. Well, except for my kids, but I can get over that. My kids love to monitor my efforts and make sure my moves match those on screen.10-reasons
  4. It’s cheaper. Yes, I pay for the programs themselves, but in the long run I now OWN those programs and can use them whenever I want.
  5. My kids. Invariably one or both will be around while I’m working out (see #3). That’s awesome because a) I’m here so don’t have to arrange childcare for them while I exercise, and b) they SEE me exercising – heck, sometimes they join in – and I think that is a fantastic example to set for them. I am teaching them it’s important to make health a priority.
  6. I can do it anywhere, even my backyard. I can workout in our home office, in my bedroom or in the living room. It can be on the TV or a laptop, and now with Beachbody on Demand streaming, I can even load it up on an iPad or my phone if I need to.
  7. Variety. I can switch it up every day if I want to, picking a different program each day if I’m not following a specific program at the time.
  8. My space, my equipment. I never have to break my routine because I’m waiting for a machine, or have someone put their mat down too close to mine. They’re my weights, it’s my mat, it’s my space the way I like it. 
  9. Nutrition. The programs I follow all come with nutrition plans. Instead of paying for the gym AND a nutritionist, it’s all right there in the package.
  10. It’s on my schedule. I don’t have to worry about gym hours or class times, or it being to dark to head out for a run. I pick when I work out, for when works best with my life and our crazy schedule.

I could probably rattle off a whole bunch more but 10 is such a nice round number. I am in love with working out at home.

Actually, one more:

This is close to #3, but I can wear what I want. I can wear a sports bra if I feel like it and don’t get self conscious. Heck, I could work out in my pyjamas or buck naked and there’s no one to care. I wouldn’t do that, but that’s not the point…I could.

Okay, that’s enough. You get the point.