I am a makeup junkie, I pretty much always have been. But it’s only in recent years that I’ve started thinking more about skin care. I was lucky enough not to face (pardon the pun) serious acne as a teen, apart from the one monthly pimple that still to this day makes an appearance.

About five years ago I started to think a bit more about it. Someone actually used the term “aging skin” and at the age of 37 I nearly pushed them in the face. Still 20 years old in my head, there was no way I could have aging skin. But it’s true. And as I neared the big 4-0, it started to become more apparent. A sag here, a crease there, clearly just laugh lines from all the fun I’ve had, right?

So I started looking at better skin care. I played around with a bunch of products, and landed for a while on the Sephora house brand. It was relatively inexpensive, and seemed to have what I was looking for. But as I soon discovered, they change their house brand products ALL THE TIME. Every time I would go to replenish a product I had come to love, it had been discontinued. I just couldn’t handle that uncertainty and sense of loss in my life. <cue sad music>

Around that same time, a friend of mine started as a distributor for Rodan + Fields, a new skin care line from the creators of Proactiv, and a direct sales company. This appealed to me for several reasons – I wanted to help a fellow entrepreneurial mom, I knew the street cred of the dermatologists that had created it, and the stuff gets shipped RIGHT TO YOUR HOME. Any time I don’t have to run to the store for yet one more thing, I am IN.

The line I use is called REDEFINE, and yes, it is designed for aging skin. I use the cleansing mask, the toner, the daily moisturizer and the eye cream. I love this line. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, and my skin has definitely improved since I started using it. It’s a bit more expensive when you order all at once, but overall it’s not too much more than I was spending at Sephora.

My makeup routine varies depending on the day, the event, etc, but two products that I never makeup without are Younique’s Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation, and their Skin Perfecting Concealer. These are both super light but definitely even out my tones, and hide blemishes and most importantly for me – dark circles. They go on really nicely and last pretty much all day. I then add bronzer, eye makeup, etc, but these two product are non-negotiable.









So that’s it. My go-to products to help me not look as much like a zombie working mom as I feel on a daily basis. Magic.


Here’s a video showing my actual routine: