Today is a big day. I’ve been working on a new project and today is the day I am releasing it to the world. 

A while back I was super stressed. It was right before my big work event, the kids were amped up and extra “fun” because it was nearing the end of the school year. Life was CHAOS. On one particularly challenging day I said out loud, “I want to run away to camp. MOM camp.” And there it was.

Immediately I had the idea of creating a camp for moms – a weekend camp to getaway from the chaos and bond with other moms. Workshops, workouts, wine… And that WILL still happen, rest assured! But in September I realized that it wasn’t ENOUGH to create a camp that we could run away to. I needed to create something that could help moms create a life they don’t want to run away from. A life where they felt like they had things under control, where there was time in their day for THEM, where they felt ok making themselves a priority, where they had confidence, energy…ALL the things.

Helping moms realize the areas where they are rocking life, and identifying the areas that maybe don’t feel as awesome. It could be different for everyone – some may need scheduling help or home organization. Some may need help with energy or building confidence. The site will have free tools, articles, online courses, challenges, a community and yes, in the future, an actual camp! It’s still evolving (and will be forever) but it’s time to launch this into the world so…

I bring you Mom Camp!
I invite you to check it out, share it with friends, use it…I hope it helps you in some way to make your life even more amazing.