When I first started blogging, I joined a number of blogging community websites to learn as much as I could, make connections, etc. On one of the many profile questionnaires I filled out, I was asked “What is your blogging philosophy?”

Insert blank stare, punctuated by blinking. My blogging philosophy? I had no idea how to answer that. I had never blogged before, and I was only just starting to read the work of other bloggers. The world of blogging was still brand new to me and it was like I was learning a whole new language…which in fact I guess I was. How was I supposed to have a philosophy about something I knew nothing about?! I hardly have a philosophy about things I KNOW about!

I recently received a new award, the Blog With Substance award, from Dania at Life as a Cuban-American Mama. One of the “requirements” is for the award recipient to state their blogging philosophy, motivation and experience in five words (that’s five separate words, not a clever five-word sentence in case you were wondering). There it was again…the elusive blogging philosophy.

In a relatively short time I have written a bunch of blog posts, joined a number of blogging groups, won a few blogging awards and been to several mom blogger events. Am I now qualified to have a blogging philosophy?

Let’s start with the five words. Here are five words that represent what motivates me to write and the elements I try to maintain in my writing: HONESTY, HUMOUR, SHARING, RELATABILITY (is that even a word?) and WELL-WRITTEN (technically two words, I know, but the hyphen makes everything better).

I try to inject some humour into all my writing, keeping even the most raw posts digestible. The humour is usually at my own expense, but what’s self deprication if not funny? The one thing I always try to be is honest. A friend of mine told me it actually feels a bit weird for her to read my blog as it’s like looking into my soul in a way she never has before. I guess that means I’m being pretty honest. The next two words are in that same vein. The biggest thing I’ve found with my blogging and time on Twitter is that there are hundreds of people out there going through pretty much what I’m going through at one time or another. Even though it’s awful to be glad someone else is having problems, it makes it SO much better to know you’re not the only one dealing with a screaming toddler that drops poop grenades every half hour. By sharing the truth of what I’m going through in the highs and lows of my life, I hope people can relate and take comfort that someone else is feeling the same things they are. Or feel better about their own lives because this crazy woman with a blog can’t get five minutes on her own for a bathroom break! (Does it scare you that “bathroom break” has a link?)

The last item, a well-written blog, is something I strive for but as someone recently pointed out, you never fully know for sure if you’ve achieved. I do my best to use proper (or at least entertaining) grammar and always double-check spelling before hitting “publish.” My punctuation may be flawed at times, but I don’t think it’s awful and you will NEVER see a your/you’re or lose/loose mix-up unless my blog is taken over by bad writers from outer space. That will be the sign…keep you’re eyes open.

So there you go. I guess I have a blogging philosophy after all. It’s almost more like a pledge to you, my readers. I promise to share my thoughts and experiences honestly and with a touch of humour. I hope you can relate! As for well-written…well, I’ll do my best.

Now, onto my official responsibilities as a recipient of the Blog With Substance award.

Substance Award

1) To accept this award, start out by thanking the blogger that passed it onto you Thank you Dania! Check her out at Life as a Cuban-American Mama.

2) Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation and experience using five (5) words. Done and done.

The final step to accepting this award is recommending 10 other blogs you believe are “Blogs with Substance”.

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