The little man and my mom had one of their “dates” this afternoon, which included a trip to McD’s and then play time at Nang Nang’s. (She was originally going to be Nan, but this is what he came up with and it stuck. Our daughter won’t get a choice, as Nang Nang will be Nang Nang forever.)

I needed this day. The little man and I have spent far too much time together. He’s fine as soon as he’s away from me, but while he’s here he’s clingy, whiny, screamy…I don’t know how to add a “y” to “cry”, but yes, he’s that too. I love him more than life itself, but I think some occasional distance is healthy for both of us. Plus our house was a DISASTER.

When our house is messy, I’m able to let it go for a while. (I have to, or I would be driven to drink by trying to keep this place clean.) I do try to keep up with the tidying and “maintenance” cleaning, but every once in a while it all gets to be too much. Just walking in my front door stresses me out. I reached this point about a week ago but haven’t had a chance to get it done. My stress level has been slowly rising with every toy he brings out of his room, or that I put away again and again.

My mom had given me a gift. The promise of three full hours in which I might actually be able to get something done. Thank you Nang Nang!

I made a plan. I wrote a task list. The little miss cooperated perfectly and went down for a 2.5hr nap right when I needed her to. I put away toys, I did dishes, laundry, I vacuumed, I mopped the hardwood that covers most of our house, I cleaned counters, sinks, mirrors, appliances, I scrubbed the shower floor…I did not stop until it was done.

Half-way through my spree, my mom came in with the little man. I panicked. I wasn’t ready to stop! I wasn’t ready for toys to be spread from here to kingdom come again! My panicking turned out to be unnecessary, they were just picking up some movies to take to her house (next door). Phew! My frenzy continued.

When all was said and done, I felt a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. When he finally came home and the inevitable whining and crying resumed, I was able (for the most part) to deal with it calmly and lovingly. We had a fairly stress-free dinner, bath and bedtime and he was asleep by 7pm. I AM SUPER MOM!

It’s amazing what a clean house can do for my stress level. I am without a doubt a nicer person and a better mom when the house is clean. You’d better believe, when I’m back and work (i.e. full salary), we are getting house cleaners in to deal with this place at least twice a month. It will never get done otherwise, and Mr. Awesome doesn’t get a say in this matter. (He reads this blog, so this is my way of breaking the news.) A cleaning service is cheaper than therapy.

Until that time, God Bless Nang Nang.

On a totally unrelated matter…
Today was my weekly weigh-in with Weight Watchers. I lost 4.4lbs! That’s like Biggest Loser weight loss! The thing is, I have no idea what made this week any different than any other week. Same workouts, same food tracking, same, same, same. Does it matter? Nope. I am now only 20.8lbs from my goal!! WOO HOO!