As I’ve said before, I have never been athletic. I’ve wimped out of almost every remotely athletic activity that has ever come across my path. So what, pray tell, am I doing working out (in some capacity) almost every day?? Either the post-pregnancy hormones have done a number on my brain without my knowledge, or I must have fallen victim to a trick somewhere along the way. Must investigate who is to blame…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for tricks if they help get the job done. If I fancy a snack, I have my cupboard stocked with a variety of 2 point/Weight Watcher legal snacks – Thinsations Chocolate Covered Pretzels (my new fave), microwave popcorn, Cadbury Thins, Fibre One bars…yes, and sometimes even a banana. I’ve made myself a motivational journal with clippings from magazines saying things like “Get Healthy” or “Lose Your Belly” that I can look at if I’m feeling particularly sluggish.

One of my “tricks” is watching Biggest Loser every Tuesday night. I find it motivating and inspiring, and my best workouts are always Wednesday mornings. I picture Bob yelling at the contestants for touching the handles on the treadmill and I work that much harder. With the Olympics preempting new episodes for the past 2 weeks, I’ve even watched old episodes online to keep myself going! You’d think as a marketing professional I would be immune to marketing campaigns and tactics, but I’m the biggest sucker of them all. I now own 3, count them, THREE Biggest Loser workout DVDs, and the Biggest Loser Workout Program book. I’m a booklet-carrying member of Weight Watchers and I own 2 different Weight Watchers cookbooks. (All of these purchases could also be blamed, incidentally, on my other weakness – Costco.)

A few weeks ago, a weird thing began to happen. I actually started to like working out. I now get upset if I can’t fit in a workout for a couple of days, and that is SO NOT ME. My iPod Shuffle was dead when I got to the gym this morning. God forbid I should workout without my specially crafted workout mix. The old me would have given up, maybe done a few weights and come home to total inactivity. Instead I came home, holed myself up in the bedroom away from the prying eyes of my husband and 2yr old, and did the Last Chance Workout DVD from The Biggest Loser. Thank you, Jillian Michaels!

I have never been a good cook and because I cooked so infrequently, my culinary confidence was in the garbage disposal. Needing to know the points values for all my meals meant I needed to take control of the cooking in our house. I now cook 6 out of 7 meals each week and, get this, I actually enjoy it. My cookbook purchases have resulted in me becoming used to a new healthier way of cooking, and it’s actually made me a better cook.

Looks like the joke’s on me. With all the tricks I’ve employed for getting myself to the gym and to eat according to the Weight Watchers program, I’ve actually become a healthier, happier person. Who would ever have thought that??

Mystery solved. I’m the one to blame and I couldn’t be happier.