Today is a BIG day! I officially opened up my new Journey365 VIP community. This is huge, because I am changing how I work with my challengers, and how I support all the amazing women that join me on this health and fitness journey. And I am PUMPED!

September always feels life a fresh start to me, ever since I was little, the beginning of a new school year always brought hope for new beginnings, new goals… a new me. Well September is here and it’s back to school! It’s also back to schedules, back to a real weekly routine, so now it’s time to get BACK TO YOU.

Moms often put themselves last. But you NEED to make yourself and your health a priority so that you’re able to take care of everyone else! I will be showing my challengers how to make time in their day for exercise, how to plan their meals to make sure they’re getting great nutrition, and how to make a commitment to living their best life.

I am opening the group to 15 busy moms, women who have a lot on the go but are ready to focus on their health and fitness. This isn’t a 4-week challenge where you fall off the wagon when it’s over. This is a commitment to living your best life, to making YOU a priority. You will follow a daily at home workout calendar and flexible, customizable nutrition plan including a daily shake, and you will be an active member of a community of awesome, kick-ass women who are here to support you, lift you up and keep you on track towards your goals.

We already have 8 spots TAKEN so that means there are only SEVEN SPOTS LEFT! And only until Sunday, Sept 3. After that, I will close it up again until next month. I want members who are serious about this and ready to engage – participation is KEY. This private community will be a source of inspiration, motivation, support, and accountability. We are on this journey together, we will lift each other up during the challenging times and celebrate one another’s successes.

I have designed this program to give you the tools and support you need to succeed!

So what’s included?

You will get:
⭐️ One-on-one coaching call with me
⭐️ A workout program that is right for you and your goals
⭐️ Daily workout calendars
⭐️ FREE app to track your progress
⭐️ Simple, easy to follow nutrition plan
⭐️ Hundreds of delicious, healthy recipes
⭐️ 30-day supply of nutrition shakes
⭐️ Access to my meal planning sheet
⭐️ Daily motivation
⭐️ Group support & accountability for a year
⭐️ Prizes!

And you know what’s awesome? If you don’t have any progress in the next month, I will give you your money back – no questions asked.

I decided to limit this opportunity to join because I want to make sure I have the time to focus on each and every person in this amazing group, and help them reach their fitness goals and get started RIGHT.

Are you ready to get your energy back? Feel good in your clothes? Ready to take charge of your fitness and FINALLY start getting the results that you want to see? Ready to START?

Yes! Make me a VIP!

I am ready to commit to my health and fitness and I want to be part of this amazing community!

Here is the live launch video I shared to my Facebook page: