When you have a big task to undertake, a decision to make, or when you are wanting to make a major lifestyle change…how long do you typically take before you take action?

Are you spending time “getting ready?” Are you waiting for a specific milestone or achievement, or for everything to be “perfect” before you take action? What exactly needs to be “ready” for you to start?

I was sitting at my desk this morning DREADING my workout. I was doing everything else I could think of to NOT push play. I was busying myself with one more task, one more message, one more…ANYTHING. I was trying to convince myself that I was “getting ready” for my workout – I was getting mentally ready. I was taking my pre-workout, I was waiting for it to take effect… But basically what I was doing was NOTHING. I wasn’t actually getting ready to do anything.

I was on a call a couple of days ago, and one of the speakers said “Are you getting ready to GET READY?” This really hit me, because so many people (myself included) just say “Now is not the right time,” or “I have to wait until ________ has happened,” or “I can’t until after ________.” People do it when thinking about starting a new job, or leaving an old one, or getting back on the dating scene, or making a lifestyle change. I see it all the time when it comes to making healthier choices.

What next milestone or hurdle are you putting in the way of actually taking action? I absolutely appreciate that everyone is different and everyone has different priorities. But at some point when you want something, you need to just TAKE ACTION.

It’s like analysis paralysis. Too much thinking, too much hesitation, too many reasons why not, too much GETTING READY and you get further and further away from your goals.

Take a first step. Even if it’s a small one. Start walking more. Cut out refined sugar. Sign up for one class. If you’re not ready to take a massive leap, stop GETTING READY and take some ACTION. Take one small step but DO SOMETHING. Use the 5 second rule, make an incentive chart, get an accountability buddy…whatever will give you that 20 seconds of courage to go for it, but DO SOMETHING.

Don’t just get ready to get ready. Don’t let your dream fade away into the distance because all you’re doing is just getting ready and never actually doing it. Trust yourself, take a deep breath, and go for it.


Rant over.


Here’s a video I did live on my Facebook page when this revelation hit me: