I recently had the opportunity to review Baby Gourmet baby food. The little miss is now 16 months old, but with the fact that she’s still only got six teeth, purees are really where it’s at! We always have a stock of jar baby food in the cupboard for those “just in case” days where we need something quick and easy, or our chosen dinner plan won’t blend well for her.

The founders of Baby Gourmet are quoted as saying “Why feed it to your baby if you wouldn’t eat it yourself?” I’m not typically one for dipping into my daughter’s meals once they’re all blended up, especially if it’s the jar stuff, but let’s call this my “Aha! moment.” More like my DUH moment.

Baby Gourmet food is 100% organic, free of thickeners and fillers. It’s a Canadian company, started by two busy moms. Every recipe originates in co-founder Jen Broe’s home kitchen.

But that’s all on the website. What isn’t on the website is how our daughter gobbled it up like it was her last meal on earth. Every flavour, every meal. Flavours include Apple Sweet Potato Berry Swirl, Old Fashioned Apple Crisp, Juicy Pear and Garden Greens, our family favourite – Vanilla, Banana and Berry Risotto. Are you SURE this is baby food?

Even if she had a mouthful of chompers, purees will always be an option. I mean, I still like applesauce and I’m 35, right? And this packaging is certainly a lot more convenient than the heavy glass jar option. The package is BPA free. I wish it was recyclable at any facility, but at least the cap is. When we were in Mexico we were able to throw a couple of these in the diaper bag to take on the plane. Super convenient.

You’re probably thinking that this organic manna from Heaven is only available at health food stores, Whole Foods, Choices Markets and the like. Nope. This awesome product is available at WALMART. Seriously. It’s also available at www.babygourmet.com and they offer free shipping. I have yet to actually check out the pricing at Walmart, so I can’t say whether it’s cheaper than on the website. On the site a case of 12 (all the same flavour) sells for $33.99, or you can get a sample of three flavours, three pouches each (for a total of nine pouches if you’re arithmetically challenged) for $19.99. Yes, it’s a little more than some of the jarred food out there, but what organic food isn’t?

This product is great. It’s Canadian, it’s organic and it’s a company founded by moms. And the little miss LOVES it.  This was absolutely one of the easiest reviews I’ve ever written.

Now get down to Walmart and get some!