Over the last year I have developed a very clear awareness of my body. As I’ve said in previous posts, I can predict right to the pound what my scale will say when I step on.

Lately I’ve been feeling a little “squidgey,” not as trim as before, not quite as tight as I like to feel. The scale is reporting that as an approximate two pound gain, but it’s not about the number. It’s about how I feel. Obviously, I don’t want that number to creep any higher, but if I was feeling like my best physical self it wouldn’t really matter.

For the last six months or so I’ve been eating “mindfully,” not actively tracking my WW points. I’ve also been keeping pretty steady at about 2.5 workouts a week when I would really like to be at four. In the last month I would say my mindful eating has become a little less mindful. I’ve still been eating the same way, but there have definitely been a few extra 2-point snacks thrown in each day.

Before this begins a slippery slope that is difficult to climb back up, I am getting back on track. I’m not going to necessarily write down everything I eat, but I will mentally track it. I’m sticking with my tried and true Momentum points plan, still wary of the new PointsPlus. Yesterday I kept track and ended the day at 28 points. My daily allowance is 29 so that’s pretty darn good. Mr. Awesome’s been away a lot this month which makes finding time to get to the gym a lot more difficult, but with the help of my mum (Nang Nang) I have been making workout time a priority and fitting it in everywhere I can.

This is the reality of a working mom, which is why I started this journey while on maternity leave and established as many new habits and schedules as I could before I was back at work. I knew very well that things would change and shift a bit and planned accordingly but it is tough. Almost all my co-workers are health conscious and workout actively, going to classes after work and on weekends. They don’t have munchkins to feed dinner by 5:30pm, bathe and get to bed for 7:30pm before they themselves pass out at 9:00pm and start their day again bright and early at 5:30am! Some nights I would prefer a Zumba class to a fight over who’s eating whose dinner and whether or not someone has pooped in their pants, but for the most part my evenings with my family are very precious.

So, I have to work this out. The eating thing is just pure will power and staying mindful. The workout thing takes a bit more logistical effort, but it’s doable.

Now I’m off to the gym. Once again, God bless Nang Nang.