I am struggling. I am supposed to be training for the runDisney Wine & Dine half marathon happening November 7 and I cannot get my running mojo. I took a break after the half marathon in January, and I really need to get going or that next race is going to SUCK.

Bear-signIt’s been a hot summer and I much prefer to run in the cool, crisp air of early Fall. I prefer my at home workouts. I get home late from work and would rather spend time with my kids. I really don’t like running in the dark. And then there’s this.

There are random bears roaming our neighbourhood. This happens every summer, and you never know when one might shuffle out of the bushes on the side of the road. And new for this year, we have a new animal friend that has made its way down the mountain…cougars. There have been a number of cougars spotted around our city and not too far from our area. And unlike the bears, these guys are predators. We live pretty close to a creek and according to the “experts,” they follow the creek bed down from the mountain and then start to explore for household pets. Lovely. Laws of nature, blah, blah, blah, but I’m calling NIMBY on this one.


I run alone most days, and I love running with music for pacing. I typically prefer to run early in the morning, as soon as it gets light. But with these guys wandering around I am not inclined to go out on my own for a chance encounter.

These are all completely valid reasons but they are also EXCUSES. In the grand scheme of things I’m not doing TOO badly – I have been getting out for two short runs a week and one longer run, usually around 5-6 miles.

It just doesn’t feel like I’m actually TRAINING. I’m working out, I’m eating on point, but I just DON’T WANT TO RUN.

But guess what? I have to. I don’t have a choice, because I am registered for a race in Orlando, Florida in just over two months and my entire family is flying down with me to be there. It will be my 40th birthday two days after the run and I WILL DO IT.

The weather is getting cooler, the furry friends will head back up the hill, and the reality will set in that if I DON’T train, it will hurt a heck of a lot on November 7. So this is me, saying to you, that I will SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP and keep heading out there. I ran yesterday, I will run tomorrow, I will run Sunday.

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