Behind your bushes once when I was a tipsy teenager, maybe, but on your lawn? Never. So WHY is it okay for you to parade your dog onto my property to do his business right in front of me??

Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, I really do. They are awesome and loyal and goofy. It’s certain dog owners I’m not too fond of. Really one in particular. I understand the need to walk a dog, and to let him relieve himself every 20 feet along the route. And there are a LOT of places in our neighbourhood where this is perfectly fine. I do not, however, feel it is appropriate to discolour the lawn I am working so hard to maintain with your dog’s urine. There is a perfectly good boulevard area 20 feet east of my lawn with a very lovely telephone pole just begging to be marked. And if you ARE going to create a blond patch in an otherwise lovely sea of green, at least have the decency not to do it when I’M STANDING RIGHT THERE. That’s just plain rude, not to mention disrespectful.

This rant is a result of the altercation I had with a grumpy old man the other day. Not only did his dog pee on our lawn, he also peed right on top of an ornamental grass plant that had obviously been planted recently. Right while we stood and watched. When we took exception to it and asked him nicely to not let his dog do this, he claimed that the boulevard is district property and not ours to comment on. Excuse me? The “boulevard” is the four feet that runs along the front of every home in our municipality, and yes, technically it is district property. Does that mean we should just ignore it, not water it, mow it, or take care of it in any way? That sure would make for some lovely curb appeal now, wouldn’t it?

Please walk your dogs. Please let them pee. But PLEASE when your furry friend does need to release, just try and take note of where he or she is about to go. Could this be a place that is being lovingly and painstakingly cared for by someone? Is that person working in their garden at that very moment? Is there a spot a few feet further down the road where your dog’s urine won’t be like a knife in the heart to your neighbour?

Maybe I should go around to the grumpy old man’s house and let the little man pee on his “boulevard.” After all, it’s not HIS property, is it?