freefixateOctober 5th is apparently Do Something Nice Day. And while we should all be trying to do something nice for people EVERY day, I’m all for a days that gives us a friendly reminder.

Pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t chatted to in a while. Buy someone a coffee. Give someone flowers. Offer to drive for one of your after school activities so another parent gets a bit of a break.

There are so many simple ways to do something nice for someone, we just have to be mindful and DO IT.

So…I am going to do something nice! I am going to give away a copy of Autumn Calabrese’s new cookbook, FIXATE. If you follow me on Facebook (which I hope you do!) you have no doubt seen me post about the awesomeness of this book. It’s in my top two cookbooks, right next to SkinnyTaste. The recipes are simple and delicious, our kids like them, and they’re HEALTHY. It’s honestly that good. She has included time-saving ways to meal prep, and many of the recipes use the same base ingredients, so if you whip up a batch of “Grandma’s Tomato Sauce,” you have it for multiple recipes that week – or you can freeze it for future recipes. It also ties in perfectly to her 21 Day Fix program because she provides all the colour-coded portion amounts for each recipe, but even if you’re not following that program it is a FANTASTIC cookbook. There are even recipes for “skinny cocktails!”

It’s super easy to enter, and there are only two rules: You must live in Canada or the US, and while I don’t love being exclusionary, the draw is not open to Beachbody coaches. I love everyone in my Beachbody family but I’m pretty sure you already have a copy. 🙂

Contest closes at 12:00am October 7, 2015. GOOD LUCK!