Going to the Fair when trying to follow a healthy nutrition plan can be a challenging thing. Everywhere you turn you are bombarded by not only the sights of temptation, but the smells as well. Around every corner is that incredible smell of deep fried onions, or batter, or…well, anything.

Fairs tend to verge on the extreme when it comes to ridiculously unhealthy foods, and they seem to compete for which fair can feature the strangest deep fried item or bizarre delicacy. This year at our local fair we saw deep fried COFFEE (huh?) and a cricket burger. Yes. BUGS. They put BUGS on a burger. There are deep fried Mars bars, deep fried cheesecake, french fries of every shape and size, cotton candy, funnel cakes, ice cream…

So how do you stick to your goals in the face of all of this? Quite often I have someone say to me “it’s just one day” or “you’re on vacation, live a little.” Those are fair statements, but here’s the thing – if you truly want to feel good and hit your fitness goals, then you HAVE to try and stick to your plan. Now, I’m not going to say you can never have a treat – that would be unrealistic and, for me anyway, make me resent my plan and want to break from it.

Case in point, today we had mini donuts at the Fair. This is the treat we love, we get excited about, we plan for, and we only have it this one day of the year. And also, our family of four shared one bag. That equaled four donuts each for them and three for me, and it was all we needed.

We walked the length of all the food vendors, scoping things out for healthier options. There was a “Chef’s Garden” place that apparently sold food made from the veggie garden in the Farm Country section, however their menu was non-existent and their display was lacking so we really had no idea what they had to offer. There was a Booster Juice smoothie bar, and a salad and wrap place.

We looked at a curry place which had some decent options that would have been fairly healthy, and a BBQ chicken place where we almost got 1/4 chicken each and some coleslaw. Another great snack option would be corn on the cob, no butter, and just a little salt – unless of course you’re doing low carb-high fat then get all the butter you want.

The salad place nearly got me, but we wanted protein and it wasn’t quite what I fancied. So in the end we went to a burger place (the one with the crickets – and no, we did not try them). On the menu they actually had a “no bun burger,” which is what we’d been planning to order anyway! Just about anywhere will serve you a burger with no bun if you ask for it, usually wrapped in lettuce as a bun substitute. (Note: even Fatburger will do this, and the result is delicious) A burger isn’t AS healthy as the salad might have been, but by ordering without the bun we cut down on carbs and calories.

And we needed to cut back on calories, because oh…those little donuts.

We also brought water to drink, and a couple of healthy snacks to have on hand. We had a great day and apart from three little donuts, I feel pretty awesome about the choices we made. Plus we walked over 10,000 steps and I am counting some of the rides we went on as cardio, given how fast my heart was pounding by the time they were over.

A good, healthy day, all things considered!




I would say we had a pretty good time!


We posted a video on my Facebook page from the Fair, sharing some ideas and thoughts on how to pick healthy options and keep on track with your goals: