In the third instalment of my monthly fitness class reviews, I attended 30 Minute Hit. I had heard about it from a number of friends, both for its convenience and the fact that they allow you to bring your child(ren) along while you workout.

circuit-210x300It’s a 30-minute (duh) kick-boxing and boxing circuit for women only. Thirteen stations, 2 minutes each, broken down into 15 second segments. A bell rings every 15 seconds, indicating that you either switch legs or double time, depending on the particular move. Stations include punching (my first time in boxing gloves!) or kicking bags, medicine balls, exercise balls, and the final and seemingly favourite station – Bob. He’s a large angry-looking man-shaped dummy that you unleash all your moves on to finish the circuit.30minutehit

I was greeted by Erin, the awesome staff trainer and passionate 30 Minute Hit member herself. She took me through the whole circuit, explaining each station and staying with me through the first few moves to make sure I had the correct form. She was very encouraging and spent time with each member throughout the circuit, cheering them on or getting them to go harder and push themselves.

They offer a free trial for first time customers, which is awesome because they don’t offer drop-ins. They encourage memberships, but you can do a month-to-month fee if you’re not ready to commit further. Obviously the more months you commit to, the lower monthly rate you will pay – month-to-month is $59, a 24 month membership works out to $39/month and includes hand wraps, a sports bag and gym towel. The one-time registration fee gets you a pair of your very own leather boxing gloves.

Abs, arms, shoulders and legs – you work it all. It was a good workout for sure, and I did like that it mixed in self-defense moves. After doing punching and kicking in moves in my at home workouts my form was pretty good and I was comfortable with the moves, but I felt really weird ACTUALLY hitting and kicking something. Especially Bob. Self defense is one thing, but continuously punching a man-figure for two minutes was a bit disconcerting. I found the whole workout empowering but that last part was a bit more aggressive than I’m comfortable with.

It’s for women only, but FAR from girly. The fact that they allow you bring your children and have a small play area for the kids is a great way to facilitate fitness for busy moms. The predominant décor colours are black and blue, attractive and thankfully not drowned in pinks and purples.

I think one of the coolest things about 30 Minute Hit is the community of “Hitters,” as they call themselves. Many members go almost every day, and they have an instant bond as members of this gym. It’s an immediate connection between women, a shared experience that is evident both from being in the space and from the comments on their Facebook page.

30 Minute Hit is a cool business model, and growing quickly across North America. Mostly in Canada, they have recently opened two locations in the US – Frisco, Texas and Bellingham, WA. They even offer franchise opportunities if you’re looking to open a fitness business.

Because I like so much variety in my workouts, prefer working out at home and the fact that they don’t offer drop-ins for the once-in-a-while visit, I don’t know that I will be “hitting” again soon, but it is definitely a cool option if you need to GO to a gym to stay motivated and accountable. The short but high energy circuit that make your workout efficient, the fact that you can take your kids if you need to, and the motivation and support of the community they provide are all huge pros.

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