I was asked recently “how do you fit it all in?”

They were referring to the fact that I am a wife, a mom of two, I work a full time job, I am a coach, and I find time for fitness every day. I have the same 24 hours in a day as everyone else, and I don’t want anyone to think I am doing anything extraordinary. But for those busy mamas wanting to find time for other things – exercise, self care, etc – I may have a few tips that might help you figure out to make some time.

First, let me say I have always thrived being busy. I LIKE to have a lot on my plate because I feel rewarded when I complete tasks and accomplish things. Sometimes, that ends up in me taking on too much, but for the most part I maintain a fairly steady level of busyness. Not everyone is like that, so this won’t work for everyone, but you can find more time in your day.

You CAN find time in your day for things like exercise, self care, meal planning, even a side business. And you can still be a loving wife and mom, working a full time job. But first you have to ask yourself…

What DO you want? What do you want in your day? Do you want to workout? Do you want to build a side business? Do you want to find some time to do volunteer work, join a board, or have more time to see friends? Be realistic. Do you actually WANT anything new? Do you want that’s currently on your plate and in your daily life to change?

You need to figure out what you want FIRST, or you will continue to feel that you just don’t have enough time for… anything.

Okay, now you know what you want. Does it mean adding something to your day? Do you have room in your day to add it in now, or do you need to look at what you might cut out? Is there something you can stop doing? Do you spend an hour at the end of your day watching TV? Is there half an hour in the morning that you spend scrolling Facebook?

Or if you can’t cut something out, what can you adjust in your schedule? If you spend a lot of time driving kids to activities, can you trade with another parent some days? Is there downtime during games or classes where you get something done? Maybe a workout or some work on your side gig? Can you pack lunches at night to give yourself more time in the morning? Can you wake up one hour earlier?

I have no magic extra hours in my day. I don’t have a secret. I’ve just organized my day in such a way that makes the things I want to include possible. But I am REALISTIC. I know that I can’t do it all. I can’t have a spotless house every single day if I do all these things. I can’t watch three hours of my favourite shows at night if I do all these things. I can’t see my friends as often as I would like if I do all these things.

While you can do ANYTHING, you can’t always do everything.

So. Figure out what you want. Figure out what it would mean to your schedule, and figure out if you’re willing to make it work. Humans don’t typically like change, and fitting this stuff in could mean something has to CHANGE. Be realistic with yourself, what is important to you, and what is possible. But don’t make excuses if you do truly want to make something happen. MAKE IT HAPPEN.



Check out this video I shared about this subject, with some ideas of how you can find more time in your day: