Oh sweet baby Jesus, he’s been found. I just went through the second bedtime without Leo and again, the poor little man was asking for his buddy in a heartbreaking little voice. We didn’t have the same drama as last night, but I think that’s only credited to extreme exhaustion from a fun day in the sun.

I decided to have one last look in our bedroom. I flipped our bedding, I looked under the bed, and then something told me to look behind our headboard. It’s a fairly high headboard and there’s not much room back there, but the little man has been known to drop the odd car, book or Swiffer broom back there.

There he was, all floppy and green and smushed down at the bottom of the crack between the bed and the wall, right beside a tea towel and the aforementioned Swiffer. Yes, I need to do a bit more housework. And yes, we have another Swiffer. I do actually do SOME housework.

I snuck into the little man’s room and laid Leo down beside him. All is right in our little world once again.

Until I’m greeted by the next trouser bomb. Then it all falls apart again. But for now, peace reigns over our kingdom.