Do you use tools, tricks or novelties to get you motivated in your fitness journey? Not sure what I mean? Let me explain.

New workout or running gear, a fitness tracker bracelet, a new app to track your workouts or nutrition, a workout that’s a new style for you, registration for a new race. All of these things are “tools” to engage or re-engage your motivation and excitement for the journey. Something that gives you that little spark and makes the routine feel new again, or gives you a renewed direction and purpose.

I use tools all the time to keep me motivated. A routine that uses different gear, like the agility markers I was using for Shift Shop, or the agility ladder that is needed for a couple of routines on Core de Force. I hate running, but I ran seven half marathons because I kept registering for shiny new races. I have apps that help me when I’m really focusing on my nutrition.

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Tools are awesome. Any mental tricks that get you over the hump are awesome. The 5 Second Rule is a tool and it is, you guessed it, awesome.

But with all tools, you have the potential to lose excitement or interest. It’s a habit for a while, and then the novelty wears off. So here’s my advice – don’t make it ALL about that particular tool. Have several tools at your disposal, or have backup tools, or just be aware that YOU and your goals are more important than the tool. Case in point – about 10 years ago I was using an app on my iPod Touch (pre-iPhone) to count calories, and I was having some good success. And then the Touch fell in the toilet. And my motivation went right along with it. I had made the APP the reason I was succeeding, and that was a big issue.

So. Use the tools, but don’t let them become everything. Don’t let the tool become a crutch. Don’t let yourself get derailed if for some reason the tool is no longer available. YOU are the one on this journey, and YOU are the one having success and getting closer to your goal, not some fitness tracker or new running shoe.

Here’s a live video I posted on my Facebook page about this: