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I’ve written about goal setting before, namely in this blog post. In the “see, set, say” scenario the first step is to visualize your goal. And the FIRST first step once you can picture your goal in your mind is to WRITE IT DOWN.

But what does “visualize” actually mean? Are you in a quiet room meditating and picturing what it will look like when your goal has been achieved? Maybe. Success in goal setting is different for everyone, so the term VISUALIZE will be different for everyone.

One of the most popular (and dare I say effective) ways to help you visualize your goals is to create a vision board. When I first started my weight loss journey I created a “book of inspiration,” with words and phrases I cut out and pasted in a special notebook. This process brought me great focus and inspiration and then within about a month it was on a shelf. And lo and behold five years later I just found it the other day. It’s still awesome, but there are two things wrong with it. 1) It was not specific or goal-oriented, just inspirational and 2) it was ON A SHELF. How does that keep my goals front and centre from there?

The basic principlesof creating a VISION BOARDThere are a ton of blog posts, Pinterest pins and articles on how to create an effective vision board. I particularly like the one from Jack Canfield because well, he’s awesome. Just google “how to make a vision board” and you will find the method that is right for you, but here are the basic principles:

  1. Write down your goals.
  2. Go through magazines and cut out images, words and phrases that represent these goals for you.
  3. Get a board – cork board, poster board, whatever.
  4. Paste or pin them to the board in a design that works for you.
  5. Put it somewhere you will SEE IT, not like my book on a shelf. Beside your bed, on your work desk, on your fridge…wherever works for you.

Okay, I have written “for you” four times already and really, that is the key. Make this what works FOR YOU. A vision board and goal setting are very personal things. They are your goals and nobody else’s.

And here’s a final tip. Unless your goals are 100% fitness-related, you will likely not find all the images and phrases you need in fitness or running magazines. Trust me. I went through all my magazines while I found quite a few inspirational phrases, I didn’t have the pictures I wanted to represent my career, vacations, family life…pretty much just lots of sports bras, deodorant and running shoes. Also – parenting magazines. Not a great source unless your goals involve toys, formula and diapers. Which they absolutely might, I’m not here to tell you what your goals are.

Looks like I need a trip to the grocery store for some fashion and travel mags.