I am one week in to this keto(ish) and intermittent fasting experiment. My intent is to go for a full month and see how I’m feeing. If I’m seeing good results then I will likely continue because duh, good results.

So far, it’s good. It’s been easier than I thought. The biggest challenge has been taking two of my meals to work every day, but I’m managing. Here are the main things I’ve observed this week:

I actually feel trimmer. At first I wasn’t sure as I wasn’t feeling the IMMEDIATE results I’d seen other people post about, and I was getting impatient. But yesterday I noticed a difference and today confirmed it.

The food is delicious. Because…FAT. I have been immersed in the world of low fat for so long I didn’t realize how good REAL, and not chemically created, flavour could be. Full fat salad dressing is WAY better than low fat.

My beloved Shakeology is allowed. SCORE! Shakeology has between 13 and 16g of carbs and I’m eating around 50-60g each day. It just means I have to factor it in, but it’s easy and a no brainer.

Fasting 16 hours a day and eating within an 8-hour window is actually totally doable. I am doing 11am-7pm, as quite often I’m not home after work til about 6:45pm. I was worried more about the post-7pm snacking time but I honestly haven’t been hungry. And I’m not hungry first thing in the morning. I have always worked out before eating, and I still have lots of energy to power through. I do get hungry a little while before 11am, but it’s not agonizing.

I do miss my grain and starch options. I love a tortilla wrap for a breakfast burrito. I love a slice of toast. I like having rice as a side with dinner. I love pasta.

I am saving money. Yes, I did a big shop last weekend in preparation, but I haven’t bought lunch at work ONCE this week. Having this meal plan forces me to plan ahead and stick to the program.

I will actually FINISH the bag of avocados we buy at Costco before they go bad. Not only that, we’ve gone through the Costco 4-pack of Kirkland bacon in one week. I think Mr Awesome may have been eating bacon when I’m not looking, because I have only had 3 slices a day.

I miss bananas. Not as much as I thought I would, but after having a banana a day every single day for the last eight years, I miss my bananas. They have 23g of carbs so I could have one once in a while, but I haven’t had one in six days.

Taking a shake to work wouldn’t be so hard, if all I was shaking was water, powder and ice. But this plan includes spinach in the shake for lunch, so blending is absolutely required. My travel blender does a fine job, but I have had a few strange looks as I blend furiously on the floor of my office (the power cord doesn’t reach my desk).

Even with a visit to the Mother Son event at our school on Friday, I am still on track. I’m almost done the pre-set meal plan for the first week and then I will be set free to figure this out on my own. I’ve returned to tracking on the MyFitnessPal app until I feel really settled into this way of planning and eating, so I don’t slip into the temptation of eating ALL the bacon or the amazingness that is Olympic Krema 11% MF plain yogurt.

So like I said, so far so good. I don’t have a battery for my scale so I wasn’t able to get my “before” weight. I would like to record my starting point so I can share my results, so I should probably replace the battery soon. That being said, I would way rather go by non-scale victories and physical changes.

More updates to come!