This post might include some hard talk and truths that may make some people unhappy or uncomfortable, and that certainly isn’t my intention, but I realize it may be the result.

lovebodyI was having a conversation the other day about “being happy in the body you have.” I 100% believe in this, but with a pretty big caveat. I want EVERYONE to feel good in their body, obviously, which is why I do what I do. And I do not give a rat’s patooty what size you are. You can be a size 2 or 22 and be happy in your body, or completely unhappy. And any size has the potential for good and bad health.

But here’s the caveat: What I DO care about is whether or not you are HEALTHY. And if you’re NOT where you want or need to be health-wise, I care that you are ACTIVELY taking steps to IMPROVE your health. (I’ll stop with the caps…for now.)

Are you eating a balanced diet that includes lots of vegetables? Are you getting healthy fats and proteins? Or are you indulging in a lot of processed snack foods, fried items and sweet treats? Are you enjoying one or two more glasses of wine than you need? Are you a smoker?

I am SO happy for you if you feel good about your body and love the skin you’re in. That is awesome and something to aspire to. I can honestly tell you that when I weighed 230lbs there were days that I felt beautiful, but I wasn’t EVER happy in that skin. I was continually making excuses and using humour or fake confidence as a defense mechanism.

And here’s the thing – I wasn’t healthy. I wasn’t even taking steps to BECOME healthy. My confidence was actually in the toilet but I was afraid to do anything about it. I was afraid to change my life because living that way was UNKNOWN and I was afraid of failure. So instead of even doing a FEW things to make some healthier choices, I settled for constantly buying new clothes to feel better. And I ignored the fact that the sizes I was buying kept creeping higher and higher.

I’m not the smallest I’ve every been right now. But I’m STRONGER than I’ve ever been and I would argue I’m healthier now than I was at my lightest. I workout almost every day and do my best to eat a balanced, nutritious diet of mostly clean ingredients. I know that I am ACTIVELY (there’s that word again) doing something to improve and maintain my health.

And for the record, this is absolutely NOT about appearance. You can look and feel beautiful at ANY size. Learn to dress for your body shape, your size, your colours, etc and you will do wonders for your self esteem. But that’s fodder for another post…or maybe a guest post from an awesome stylist I know. 🙂

But by taking steps to live a more healthy life, you will improve EVERYTHING. Your skin, your hair, your nails, your muscle tone, your breathing, your circulation, your…well, your everything. And when your “everything” feels better, so will your confidence. So will YOU.