It seems counter-intuitive. Summer should be an easy time to get out and get active, but without the routine of the school year (yes, even preschool) and scheduled activities, I’ve actually found it quite a challenge this year to figure out when to work out. Mr. Awesome’s hectic travel schedule compounds the issue somewhat, so I’m grabbing opportunities when they come along.

If I just have the little miss it’s a bit easier, as I can still go out with her in the stroller and get in a good power walk. The little man makes exercise a little more challenging. He refuses to ride a bike and a walk with him in tow isn’t exactly strenuous.

Even though the summer weather is beautiful, I do find it easier to plan our activities during the school year. Maybe summer just has too much freedom – tentative plans to go swimming get put off til the next day because ALL the days are nice, and then end up not happening. The kids still get their running around time in the back yard, but we’re not getting out and doing things as a family. Fall and winter bring swimming lessons, preschool and then SNOW!

Last New Year’s Eve we went snowshoeing with the kids in backpacks. What a change from two years ago. Mr. Awesome has always been an active guy, but until I started my weight loss journey I wouldn’t have classified us an active family. Now that I’m not carrying around that 70lbs and I have discovered my love of keeping active and working out, we do a lot more. I used to shy away from plans that might involve a lot of activity, as my back would get sore, my breath would get short and it just wasn’t a good time.

Now it’s a whole new world! (But hopefully this year the little man can manage on his own because he’s nearing 40lbs and that is a lot of weight to carry through the snow, even for the great Mr. Awesome.) I hope to get a lot more snowshoeing in because that was a great workout.

Healthy Families BC, an initiative from the Province of British Columbia, recently launched a campaign to promote health and wellness in BC families.

Healthy Families is a readily accessible resource to help families eat healthy and live well. This online community which is hosted on the Healthy Families website, blog, Twitter (@healthyfamilybc) and Facebook Page helps BC citizens make informed and positive lifestyle choices.

Healthy Families BC offers everything from inspiring recipes and information on snacks for children to updates on local community based health programs.
To help raise awareness for this campaign and to encourage BC families to get active, Healthy Families BC has given me a $250 Lululemon gift card to give away one of my readers so they can get active in style!
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