You don’t feel great. Your clothes are feeling snug, or maybe your favourite jeans no longer fit at all, despite the repeated knee bends and yanking you do. You aren’t happy and you want to make a change. You know that you need to be more active and eat better but you have no idea where to start. You hop on Google, or better yet Pinterest, and are hit with a barrage of challenges, programs, videos, quick fixes, menu plans…do you count calories? Points? Portions? Your friend did really well on Weight Watchers, but you don’t like the idea of meetings. A rep for a company that promises amazing results from a cream or a wrap reaches out and it all sounds AMAZING.

Of course it does. It’s marketing. That’s the point.

But how do you know what will work for YOU? If you are truly ready to make a change, then you need to find the right fit for you, your style, your schedule, your LIFE. And if you’ve finally hit that moment where you KNOW you are ready to commit and you’re no longer looking for a quick fix, then you need to find something that will be sustainable and keep you on track for the long term.

I did South Beach. I did Weight Watchers three times. I counted calories with an app. And with the exception of the final time I did Weight Watchers, I would also reach the magic 25lb mark, plateau, and then start the inevitable slide back up the scale. I don’t know why 25lbs was my magic number, but I think it was because that was when other people started noticing and mentioning my weight loss. That’s when I started to relax my efforts a bit and opted for a few more treat meals than were appropriate for someone only 1/2 or 1/3 into her journey (depending on the year).

As for exercise, for every time except the final (successful) time, my focus was always on cardio. Stairmaster and treadmill were my go-to’s. And always at a gym or fitness studio. It was only when I started strength training on my last round of Weight Watchers that I truly started to see a shift. And truly, for me, when I started working out at home with various programs was where I REALLY started to see my body change.

I support whatever style of workout or whatever program you choose – running, CrossFit, yoga, spinning, Prancercise (seriously, click the link, it’s a thing), at home workouts from Beachbody – but find something that KEEPS YOU COMING BACK. Everyone has a “soulmate” workout, a style or program that will always motivate them, always get them pumped up and excited to workout. Because if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing – or at the very least feel AWESOME when you’ve done it – then it won’t be something you stick with. If you dread doing it but do it because “it’s good for you,” then you will eventually quit that activity. So how do you find your soulmate?

There IS something out there that is the right for for you. Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself as you get started…and bear in mind your answers may change over time as you fall more in love with fitness:

  1. What is my current level of fitness?
  2. What goals would you like to achieve?
  3. What types of fitness activities do I enjoy doing?
  4. Do I prefer to exercise outdoors or indoors?
  5. Do I like to be around people?
  6. Is TIME a factor? How much time per day can I reasonable and comfortably make in my schedule?
  7. Nutrition is a major factor – are you also looking for nutrition to be part of your program?

These are the questions I would ask a new client, even if they came to me with a specific program in mind. I always want to make sure that the program we choose will be a good fit and help you achieve your goals. One of my favourite programs is 21 Day Fix – I love the workouts (partially because they’re only 30 minutes), there’s a modifier on screen for every move if you’re not quite ready to master all the moves, and it comes with a full nutrition program including colour-coded portion containers. But that might not be the right program for everyone. You might need to start with walking 20 minutes a day and just focusing on your nutrition. Or maybe you’re ready for MORE, you love to lift and Crossfit or  The Master’s Hammer & Chisel will be your ideal match.

But that’s the point of a coach. To guide you to find the right fit for YOU, and then to support you as you work towards your goals. If you would like some help figuring it out, some accountability and motivation, or just someone to have your back when you need a bit of support, I’m here for you. You can message me on Facebook or send me an email (gillian at behnke dot ca). LET’S DO THIS!!