Thank you Chumbawumba. The chorus of your incredibly repetitive (yet catchy) song “Tubthumping,” or as it’s more commonly known “I Get Knocked Down,” perfectly describes my last few weeks.

I was going strong. My new routine of waking up at 5:30am was becoming routine, I was working out, I was being consistent in my business, I was helping people achieve their fitness goals.

And then I got derailed. I received a message from a friend on Facebook, criticizing me for talking about my coaching and the Beachbody products and programs on my profile. It was very harsh and came out of the blue, and really shook me. I responded as best I could and did everything I could to “bless and release” her and the situation.

let-it-goA few weeks later and I realized I was still in a funk. I wasn’t as energized as before, it was harder to get motivated to work out, and while I was still helping people I felt hesitant to reach out to anyone. I’d lost my mojo, my confidence, my drive.

This dovetailed with absolute craziness at work, a work trip AND getting sick and everything kind of came to a head. It became easier to make excuses because I didn’t have the same strength of will as before. I was still getting some workouts in but I was definitely stress eating. Treats at work? SURE! Snacks at home? Absolutely! Bring it ON! I would laugh it off and make jokes about the stress, using humor to mask the fact that I was slipping into old habits and losing my will power in the face of the pressure. The old Gillian was in my head, daring me to go back to my pre-2009 ways.

Then it happened. In one week I had three separate messages from people thanking me for helping, for motivating and inspiring them to keep going. It was the most amazing feeling. People were making healthy changes in their lives and I was helping them do it. The groups I’ve created, the posts I write and the support I offer actually DO make a difference in people’s lives. THAT is why I started coaching in the first place and THAT is why, even when I was struggling myself, I kept doing it. I have a responsibility to the people I coach. These affirmations erased the negativity I’d experienced and guess what?

I got my mojo back.

Work is easier when I’m consistent with my food, my workouts, and even my coaching – when my life has routine and consistency, everything is more manageable. And the work I am doing IS making a difference to people, even if they just observe from the sidelines and take inspiration in a quiet way.

You can’t help everyone and your methods might be a downright turn off to some, but even if you help ONE person make a positive change to their life, it’s worth it.

I’m back, baby.