I thought it would be a good idea to register my domain name. When I first started blogging I searched on Blogger for “Finding My Weigh” as a user name but it was already taken by someone who has never posted ANYTHING but felt the need to register the blog name. This is why my blog address is http://imfindingmyweigh.blogspot.com, but as their page was absolutely inactive I didn’t think twice about referring to mine as the shorter version, dropping the “I’m” from the title.

Why I didn’t also search for the actual domain name at the same time, I will never know. I searched today and my first choice https://findingmyweigh.com is taken. By another blogger, no less!

This led me to a crisis of blogging identity. Do I change my name? I’ve already developed a wonderful list of followers and readers, and I’m happy with the attention my blog is getting. Under its current name it is listed as one of Vancouver’s top 30 mom blogs…what would happen to all that if I suddenly had to re-brand and change my name? Plus I only just redesigned the look of my site and now I might have to change it again? I can’t do that, people might not recognize me!! And what the hell would I change it to?

Yes, https://findingmyweigh.com was available and yes, I bought it. At some point in the next 24 hours, my new domain will be active and this crisis but a distant memory. You won’t need to do a thing, as both the blogspot address and new address will point to the same place. But it still concerns me that it will be confusing if people come across the “other” FMW blog. Does it matter?

In the end, I figure it doesn’t really. If someone ends up at her blog by accident, so be it. They might miss out on priceless gems like Potty Training #2, but then again, they might actually appreciate that. One can only take so much poop in a day.