Wow, I’ve been tagged with the Honest Scrap Award! I’m fairly new to the world of blogging, and to be honest (what else?!), I hadn’t heard of it. I Googled it to find out what honour had been bestowed upon me by Kristy from Pampers and Pinot and this is what I found:

According to a couple of sites, the Honest Scrap Award is “for bloggers who put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul.”

As a recipient I have to list 10 honest, random and interesting things about myself, so here goes!

  1. I used to run my own theatre company, dedicated to providing experience for emerging women in theatre. We produced six shows over five years and never lost any money! (We never really made any either.)
  2. I am an Olympic convert. At first I wasn’t excited about the Olympics coming to Vancouver, because I didn’t know how the city could possibly handle it. It was the best thing to ever happen in Vancouver, managed brilliantly, and I was proven 100% wrong. Go Canada!
  3. My dad was 64 when I was born, which made my childhood a lot different than anyone else I knew. He was 26 years older than my mom. I am an only child, but according to my friends have escaped the “Weird Only Child Syndrome”.
  4. For completely selfish reasons, I really hope my son (or daughter, for that matter) doesn’t want to play hockey. Street hockey or field hockey are fine, but I REALLY don’t want to deal with 4am ice times.
  5. In 2000, I won a grant from the Department of Foreign Affairs to work in Wellington, NZ for 6 months.
  6. I am a little bit addicted to TV. Specifically any Law & Order, CSI (the original & Miami, not NY), Biggest Loser and The Bachelor/ette. Plus anything else that resembles any of these…except CSI: NY. I really don’t like it.
  7. I have met Dustin Diamond. I was working for a company doing PR for a comedy club and had to take him around town to his various interviews. We weren’t supposed to talk about the fact that he was Screech from Saved by the Bell, but COME ON, he was Screech!!
  8. I used to reject country music because it was country music. About 10 years ago my friend set about converting me and now it’s pretty much all I listen to.
  9. I used to work for a radio station as the “Funfinder”. That’s right, it was my job to find fun.
  10. I am extremely clumsy and quite often do really clumsy things. The large burn blister on my thumb from last night is a perfect example. I had JUST taken the skillet out of the oven and then less than a minute later tried to shift it on top of the stove by touching the scorching hot handle.

Now I need to pass the award on to 7 bloggers who I feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap. If you have already received this, please feel repeatedly appreciated!

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And, my guilty pleasure…Blasphemous Bambi.

I also LOVE reading Pampers and Pinot, but I know that she’s just received this award herself. I’m so happy to receive it from her! Thank you Kristy!