I love notebooks. Pretty books of pretty pages wrapped in pretty paper. Blank pages just begging to be filled with profound thoughts and memories of my life. I tried. I tried valiantly. I tried repeatedly.

When I was 10 yrs old I got an “Annie” diary, complete with little gold lock and key. I completed five entries in five days and never wrote again. At least once a year until around age 20, I would discover the perfect notebook, the one that would finally inspire me to journal on a long term basis. Some never even saw pen touch paper. Some got as far as a week of dedicated writing and then shut forever. I got a travel diary for a 6-month NZ trip. I wrote religiously for the flight from Vancouver to Auckland, and for my first 2 days in Wellington. That was it. Thank God I took pictures.

For our first wedding anniversary, my husband and I decided to go with the traditional gift theme of paper. He bought me a very cool notebook made up of all kinds of different papers – maps, graph paper, envelopes, vellum. It is absolutely beautiful, and I just love it. The problem is, I didn’t want to repeat history and use it for something pointless and then never look at it again. I didn’t dare begin a journal that would inevitably get stuffed away in a box within the month. I kept it safe for 4 years, feeling guilty that I wasn’t using his lovely gift. I only recently unearthed it to actually put it to use. It is now my fitness inspiration and motivation book, which I fill with inspirational statements cut out of magazines, short notes about significant achievements in my weight loss journey, and reminders of why I started my fitness quest in the first place. With no schedule for journal entries and no self-imposed strict format for how to fill up the book, I believe I may have found the perfect use for this book.

So why, when I am obviously HOPELESS at journalling, would I ever consider starting a blog? Well, as a mom of an almost 3 year old boy and an almost 4 month old daughter, life is filled with adventures, some happy and some that make me want to tear out what’s left of my post-pregnancy hormonally challenged hair. Add to that the fact that I’ve decided to actually embark on and commit to a new healthy lifestyle (with the help of Weight Watchers). I am on a quest to lose 60lbs before I return to work in October, and I am NOT what you would call athletic. I love TV and I love food, so this is indeed a major life change! All these things come with a variety of pitfalls, so I figured I needed somewhere to vent. What better place than the interweb?? Somewhat anonymous and not as scary as a blank page on my nightstand.

I may never get a single reader, but then again, with my history, I may never write another post. πŸ™‚