Mr. Awesome and I have been training for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, happening in January 2013. It’s going okay, although I still have yet to find the joy or love for the activity. I’m assured that will come, and I’m reserving judgement.

One big problem though. Ever since starting this training, I have been HUNGRY. It figures, given that I’m burning more calories than normal, but I am eating more than I was before. And I haven’t been making the smartest choices. I’m indulging in treats way more than I should, and while my regular meals are still healthy and my portions are still managed, it’s the “extra” stuff that’s causing a problem.

And the scale is not exactly keeping this behaviour a secret. It’s been creeping up for the last three months or so with summertime social activities, vacation and just general avoidance of the reality of my choices. I’m still within five pounds of my goal weight and some might say that’s nothing, but the point is the scale keeps moving in the WRONG direction.

While I was on the weight loss portion of my journey, one of my tactics was to “just say no.”

If someone offered a treat I would decline. If someone offered a second helping or a second glass of wine, I would say no thanks. Just saying no made it easy to make smart choices when I was on my own, because it had become a habit and was like a little mantra I could remind myself of in times of temptation.

I somehow lost that habit, and it’s time to get it back. No to extras, no to sweets (except Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches when they’re on sale!), no to chips, no to more than one glass of wine, etc etc. I will also be more mindful of the points that I’m consuming, as I’ve lately been ignoring that piece and it’s become too easy to “forget” how to act responsibly.

Today is September 1st and September always represents new beginnings for me. New school year, new fall clothes, new season. So…new choices.

And my new (or renewed) choice is to JUST. SAY. NO.