5_birthday_candlesFive years ago today I published my first blog post.

It started with the idea of “finding my way” through my life. The stories I’ve shared here have helped me through my 70lb weight loss journey, understanding the reality of  my new healthy lifestyle, and a LOT of frustration through sleep issues and potty training (the frustration was mine, the issues were the kids – let’s be clear).

Sharing these stories with you also gives me the motivation to keep going. Whether it’s the sense of accountability I have from making my stories public, or the knowledge that someone, somewhere out there might connect with my experiences. In a moment of food-driven weakness, or sleep-deprived hysteria, maybe you have found some solace that you’re not alone and someone else out there is in it with you.

5_birthday_candleFive years ago I was two months into my weight loss journey and gaining momentum. I knew which exercises I liked at the gym, I had figured out “tricks” to keep my eating on track and stay committed to working out. I had an almost three year old son who was in the midst of night terrors and the never-ending process of potty training. I had a four month night owl daughter who just wanted to party with her parents til they passed out. I also had an amazing husband who stayed with the kids while I worked out, ate through my sometimes not-so-successful “healthy” meals, and stood as my champion throughout.

Here we are five years later. Thankfully the little man overcame the bathroom challenges (thanks, in part, to a Lego-based reward system that has left us drowning in little plastic bricks) and the little miss has figured out the importance of bedtime…still on HER terms, of course, but the whole process is a lot easier. And I still have the most amazing man by my side. He has supported me through the entire journey, through my discovery of my love/hate relationship with running, and into the rewarding adventure of being a Beachbody coach.

I am in love with my life. I am in love with my kids. I am in love with my husband. And I am in love with finally, after 39 years, feeling GREAT about my body. It’s nowhere near perfect and never will be, but I know how it works. I know how to dress it for its shape, how to make it stronger and how to fuel it properly.

This blog changed my life. It has always been about “finding my way” through the different struggles and challenges that come with being a working mom trying to balance marriage, family, career and health. I have rationalized decisions, shared emotional moments, explored new decisions or projects and celebrated successes. I have become a more confident human being as I have developed a clearer understanding of what makes me…me.

Happy 5 year anniversary, Finding My Weigh. Thank you.