Being a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers is a huge achievement. One you reach this milestone you only have to weigh in once a month, and as long as you stay with your two pound window (2lbs above or below your goal weight), you don’t have the pay the fee.

For about the past four months, I’ve been playing a little game with myself. I weigh in at home a few days before my scheduled weigh in day, and then if the scale is a bit on the high side I delay the weigh in to the following week. It’s a game I’ve been “winning,” until now.

And winning is of course a poor choice of words, as this is not the behaviour I spent a year learning and living. If I was making the right choices every day, then it wouldn’t even be an issue.

You also have to pay the fee if you miss a month’s weigh in, so being the last weekend in August I HAD to weigh in. (You also get a star sticker for every month you weigh in and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to get my star!)

I was 0.8lbs outside my “window,” which means I’m actually 2.8lbs above my goal weight. Last month I was lower than goal, so this month I faced a 3.5lb gain. OUCH.

No more games, no more playing the system. I’m going to track, and I’m going to be MINDFUL. I’ve kind of been kidding myself the last few months, and while I haven’t entirely gone off the rails, I certainly haven’t been as mindful of what I’ve been eating. Conscious yes, mindful no.

Three key actions that have likely led me here:

  1. Not bringing my lunch enough at work, so I simply HAVE to go have sushi.
  2. Finishing off what the kids leave on their plates – never a lot, but every little bit counts. I never did this while I was losing weight.


  3. Fruit. As some of you will know, I am NOT following the PointsPlus system, so fruit is NOT zero points. But there have been so many lovely blueberries, cherries, peaches, strawberries, nectarines…the list goes on and I LOVE fruit.

So. No more games. And even though I won’t be playing, I’ll still be winning. But not Charlie Sheen winning.

September weigh in, here I come.