I am so sorry. I have let life get in the way of blogging. Forgive me.

We went to Mexico for a week and I specifically took along my trusty little netbook with every intention of writing some blog posts while there. Not a chance.

We got back and I swore I would post in time for my one year “blogaversary,” February 22. Nope.

I have a review planned of some AWESOME baby food (Baby Gourmet) but I didn’t want that to be the first post after being away for so long so I procrastinated and postponed once again.

I am currently in Toronto on business and for the last three days have been swearing up and down that I would write something. Then today I met a colleague from across the country that I had never met before. Our jobs never intersect so we’d never even emailed each other but it turns out she is a reader of this blog (Hi Kirsten!). Small world, and she mentioned that she’d noticed I’d kind of dropped off the face of the planet.

Again, I’m sorry. Blogging is like weight maintenance. It’s a commitment and if you don’t stick with it things can go a little off the rails!

I have several posts percolating and I promise I will get to them, but for now here’s the scoop:

– After a year of potty training we have taken the little man back to Pull-Ups. This is a blog post all its own, so I’ll leave it at that and post this story in its entirety soon.

– I’m having some challenges with maintenance but no real slip ups to speak of. This week of conference food ismaking it increasingly difficult but I will get through. I actually LOST weight in Mexico (and no, not because of bad water) because we walked up and down a 75 degree hill at least twice every day.

– I would still like to write a post about my blogaversary as this past year of blogging has had an incredible impact on my life. It may end up being a “Happy Year And 12 Days” blogaversary but it will get written.

For now, that’s the catch up. I will be in touch again shortly but for now it’s bedtime. Our hotel room is sweltering and the thermostat is already as low as it can go, so maybe I can sweat off some of the delicious food they’ve been plying us with since Wednesday.

Sweet dreams!