Just a short post to keep myself accountable. I am registered for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon at DisneyWorld this November to celebrate my 40th birthday. It will be my seventh half marathon since beginning running in July 2012. My last race was the runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon in January 2015 and I basically haven’t run since.

I work out almost every day, doing at home cardio and weight workouts, but running has fallen completely off my workout radar.

It’s time to start running again. I admit it, I’m a little scared.

I went for a run the other day as my first kick back at the training can. It wasn’t terrible, but I am nervous about embarking back on a full training plan. Although I’ve been EXHAUSTED with jet lag this past week after returning from Japan, I may have been using that as an excuse for the last couple of days. And the fact that it was pouring rain when I woke up two days ago MAY have sent me back to sleep and not out the door for my scheduled three miles.

I am following an Asics plan on www.my.asics.com that has me aiming for a 2:18 finish. Given that my PR is 2:21, this seems at once both realistic and terrifying. It includes 51 runs and a total of 271 miles before race day. I set up the plan with three runs a week, because I want to keep up with my other workouts and any more wouldn’t be manageable.

The plan officially starts on Wednesday, three days from now. I am going for a run tomorrow because my kids are away with their grandparents and I am off work so I have absolutely NO excuse.

I turn 40 two days after the Wine and Dine and I intend to enter my 41st year healthier and stronger than ever, so I better get going!