My parents would have LOVED if my early desire to be a lawyer had actually panned out, but they never pushed me into what they wanted. They just wanted me happy and lovingly supported me in the choices I made, as long as they were fairly well thought out and somewhat realistic. (No, I am not an Oscar-winning actress, so maybe “realistic” is overtstating their priorities a bit.)

Following in our parents’ footsteps, when the time comes for our kids to make some choices, we won’t push them into one “life path” over another. As long as they’re happy and safe, right? If they’re happy and safe and making enough to keep us cared for and tipsy on red wine for the rest of our lives, so much the better.

That being said, we do enjoy spectulating whenever the little man develops a new interest. Given his latest passions, it’s been looking like he will either be an excavator operator or a farmer, and married to “Natalie,” a girl in his preschool.

Today, however, opened up two new possibilities as to a chosen career. I was playing with the little miss in front of the couch and the little man disappeared from view, as usual. I heard coins dropping, so I peeked around the couch and saw him reaching down the front of his pants. I inquired what he was doing and he said “Putting money in my pocket.” (He must have inherited this money-saving tendency from Mr. Awesome.) I applauded his actions, but when I looked closer something was amiss. The money wasn’t going into his pocket per se, it was going straight down the front into the Y-front “pocket” on his underpants. He had accumulated $2.20 (yay for Canadian coins) in there.

So I figure, we’re now either looking at a future banker or a future exotic dancer. Either way, he’ll have a good income. Bring on the wine!