Life is an amazing thing. Last year I wrote a post about how I got to where I am today, looking back at the decisions I’ve made in my career path and the bonds I’ve forged with key people in my life. It’s one of those bonds that has brought me to write this post today.

The final stage in that last post was arriving at the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and a marketing job I absolutely love. This is still 100% true and will not change anytime soon. But a piece of the past has found me again and a new opportunity has come up, one that I am pursuing in my “spare” (HA!) time.

About seven years ago I was working for a PR firm (for those of you that read the other post, the firm run my the woman that is now my boss at CBCF). One of our clients was a popular spa in downtown Vancouver, and I became friendly with the manager. We lost touch when I left the firm, and reconnected a couple of years ago by chance at a coffee shop near our homes (who knew we now only live five minutes apart?!). We “friended” each other on Facebook and have stayed in touch virtually.

Just a few days ago she reached out to me, in search of a “PR Guru.” She has been given an absolutely life-changing opportunity and wants PR support to make the most of it. I said yes pretty much immediately after some (very quick) reflection. I don’t take freelance PR work very often as I will only take on projects that I believe in 100% and get “jazzed” about pitching. I don’t want to have to pitch something I’m not passionate about as it just doesn’t feel authentic. I’m no spin doctor. (Oh yes, and I also have a full time job, a husband and two lovely munchkins to take care of. That too.)

The fact that I said “yes” should make it obvious that I believe in this woman and her work, and I am extremely passionate about contributing to her success. She is now a jewelry designer and she has been invited to have her pieces included in the VIP gift bags at this year’s Academy Awards. (Hello? The OSCARS?!) She is completely deserving of this honour. Not only is her work absolutely stunning, but she is just the most lovely, loving person you could ever be lucky enough to meet. How could I say no?

I will share her name and website in a later post as we’re working through some media agreements and can’t let the “cat out of the bag” too early…a tough thing in the world of social media!

I was recently reminded of Oprah’s quote “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” I’ve heard the same quote using the word “Success” instead of “Luck,” but both ring true. I would like to add something to this quote though, as for me a large of of the “preparation” is the relationships you form along the way. My new “client” didn’t reach out to me because of schooling or my resume, she reached out because we had connected in a way that let her know she could trust me with her best interests. She saw something in me and the way I work that spoke to her. And on the flip side, I said yes because she is such a fantastic, genuine person. If she’d been a nasty person with lovely jewelry and the same opportunity, I wouldn’t have agreed to work with her!

I truly marvel at life sometimes. You never know who will end up being a significant influence in your life, even years down the road. A good reminder to be true to yourself and to never burn bridges, as you never know what is just around the bend!