So many samples. So many booths dedicated to all things wellness. So many smells of lavender and lemongrass.

IMG_1742Today I took the kids to check out this year’s Wellness Show. Having been last year I knew there would be enough to keep them interested, including the Gymnastics BC play area complete with ramps, jump mats and balance beams.

We arrived and were handed massive reusable shopping bags already filled with brochures, samples and FULL SIZE boxes of Cascadian Farms organic granola and multigrain squares (i.e. organic Shreddies). AND a NetiRinse sinus irrigation kit. We EACH got these bags so we now have THREE of all of these amazing things. You can tell by my use of caps that I am IMPRESSED by the swag.

There were fitness people, lotions and potions people, vitamin people, massage people, clothing people, pillow people…not people made of pillows, of course, but people selling gorgeous bamboo and memory foam pillows that were oh-so tempting. Here is a complete list of exhibitors for you to peruse at your leisure.

IMG_1746My attention was drawn to the things that I could either put ON my body, or IN my body, so the soaps and lotions vendors were who got most of my time and money. I bought two lovely handmade soaps from Plenty and Spare, a local company. I drove home with the scents of lavender & patchouli battling with the aromas of lemongrass & bergamot. Delicious.

And speaking of delicious – the FOOD. Oh, the food. There are cooking stages, tastings, seminars and samples of just about every type of food that might fall within the “healthy” category. So. Many. Granola bars. Nesters Market was the sponsor of the organic market area and had a huge selection of the brands they sell. Throughout the show we tasted Kashi products, coconut water, fruit juice, herbal tea, honey, protein bars, chocolate, goat cheese, oils, green drinks…it’s no wonder the kids didn’t have too big an appetite when we got home.

IMG_1744I brought home a box of assorted SoLo energy bars, and six “no sugar added” chocolate bars from Ross Chocolates. If I hadn’t had the kids with me I would have stayed longer and sat in on the demos. Anything that required a stop of longer than about three minutes was a no go. My kids are good, but not so good as to let me relax in the Neurospa for a complimentary 15 minute session. Jerks.

The last thing I bought was a 60-minute float session at Pure Float. I’ve been hearing about floating as relaxation and wellness trend and was considering reviewing it, so when I saw the “show special” pricing I decided to give it a go. Stay tuned for how that turns out!

While I didn’t see anything stunningly new at this year’s show, it is STILL an awesome expo that celebrates all things wellness and health. It is 100% worth a visit and the cost of the ticket ($14.50 general admission, with discounts available online) is completely worth it given what you get for simply walking in the door.

For more info you can check out It’s still on for one more day but if you miss it this year – make it a priority in 2016!

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