3-Day-Refresh-BoxI just completed the 3-Day Refresh, which I call a “mini-cleanse.” I was somewhat nervous to try this as the last cleanse I did was a full week and resulted in some not-so-nice stomach reactions in the name of “cleansing.”

This program was very easy to follow and while I caught myself itching for snacks out of pure habit, I can’t say that I was ever hungry. It’s well-designed with three sections of the box, and each day has the packets you will need – in order! You get a booklet which outlines your day’s plan, and includes food lists for fruits, vegetable, healthy fats and “guilt-free” flavourings, plus recipes for dinner. The program includes Shakeology but if you’re already drinking it and have some in store you can order the 3-Day Refresh without it for a lower cost.

Each day goes like this:


BREAKFAST: Shakeology – this was awesome, but I didn’t get to blend in the extras I normally do. This was just one serving of Shakeology, one item from the fruit list, and ice and water. Still good, just not quite AS good as my daily ritual.

Green or herbal tea

Fiber Sweep mid morning – this is a packet you mix with water and it’s basically a slightly citrusy Metamucil. The flavour is okay and it’s what I was expecting so it wasn’t terrible. Just drink it and you’re done.

LUNCH: Vanilla Fresh shake – this was decent and for lunch I was allowed to blend it with another item from the fruit list, ice and water. It’s not as good as Shakeology but it’s okay. For lunch you also get an item from the vegetable and healthy fats list, and there are thinks like hummus, almond butter or my personal favourite –  smashed avocado.

AFTERNOON SNACK: Another item off the vegetable and healthy fats list.

Green or herbal tea

DINNER: Vanilla Fresh shake – no blending with anything but water and ice. You also make one of the dinner recipes from the booklet and they are all veggie-based. Over my three days I made Moroccan Carrot salad, Vegetable Stir Fry and Cucumber and Tomato salad. The recipes include flavouring and I have to say, all three were very tasty. With some minor modifications (like raisins in the carrot salad) I would make all three again. You can also have a cup of organic vegetable broth. I missed this on the first night (always read EVERYTHING before you start!) and it was SO much better on night 2 and 3. And actually quite nice!


Most juice cleanses or a liquid fasts are low in protein and high in sugar and you end up feeling weak and hungry. The Shakeology and Vanilla Fresh shakes both provide you with the protein you need and I never felt weak or sluggish.

The week before I started I was travelling for work and had indulged in more treats than I had big workouts, so I was feeling pretty blah. Over the three days I lost 4.5lbs and almost 2 inches around my waist. I feel less bloated, trimmer around my middle and  just better in general.

I am definitely looking forward to my regular way of making my Shakeology for breakfast and I can’t wait to chew something other than vegetables, but overall this was a great “reset” for me. I will absolutely do it again as it was easy, not a HUGE adjustment and it’s only THREE DAYS! I know some people that do the Refresh once a month but I think I will likely do it every three months or so. All in all, a great experiment.


The 3-Day Refresh can be ordered here and retails for $69.95US for the complete kit, $59.95US without Shakeology if you already have some. Prices are lower if you have the Team Beachbody club membership.