Mr. Awesome and I are currently doing P90X3, which is an awesome mix of different routines – cardio, cardio with weights, pull ups, push ups, MMX (MMA-style moves), yoga…every day is different. We invested in a pull up bar and a new set of resistance bands, but it became obviously fairly early in that our existing dumbbell collection wasn’t going to cut it. We started to look around, watch for sales, check Craigslist, and in order to get the weights we needed we were looking at at least $200 just to get us some 15’s, 20’s and 25’s.
File_000 (1)A few people I follow on Facebook have been using the Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells, which seemed to offer a solution that could save us money in the long run. They have a dial at each end and you can adjust them from 5lbs each to 52.5lbs. That’s up to 10 different sets of weights, all in one set. That’s just good math.

But what are they like to use? Short story – pretty great, actually. Long story – they do take some getting used to, and they’re not the best for certain moves, like renegade rows, for example. I did them and they were fine, but they didn’t feel quite as secure or comfortable as my old rubber coated ones. And any move that you hold one weight in both hands feels a bit funny at first but again, you get used to it.

Also, they’re WAY longer than your standard dumbbell. For moves where you bring both weights together above your head, it takes a few times before you’re not accidentally crashing them into each other.

At some point we will likely invest in the stand, because it would be more convenient to not have to bend over every time to put them back in the base to switch the weight, but that’s really no big deal for right now and we don’t really have space anyway. Plus if we squat while doing it, it’s just extra exercise, right?

Overall, we are super happy with them. For the same price as getting half the new weights we needed, we got pretty much all we’ll ever need and in one compact (yet heavy) package. We were on the verge of getting a rack for our existing weights anyway, so I am thrilled. These dumbbells save space, save money, and work great for what we need. I would absolutely recommend them, but do remember the caveat that you will need a few moves to get used to them.