Best-All-Natural-DeodorantI am constantly on the search for a natural deodorant that works – and by “works” I mean it meets a few basic requirements. First and foremost, it has to WORK. It has to stop the smell of body odour. Then, it has to last longer than a few hours. Ideally the whole day, or at least through the work day. It has to be paraben-free. It has to have a decent smell of its own, and not do funky things when mixed with my personal body chemistry. And it has to last longer than just a few weeks before it fails epically at the worst possible moment. Is that too much to ask?

I’ve tried several natural deodorants over the years and was pretty much convinced I would never find one.  I tried Tom’s of Maine but it only lasted a few weeks. I tried Trader Joe’s but it too failed. I ventured into making my own several years ago (see this blog post for the recipe, it’s awesome if it works for you) but it too only lasted a few weeks before my body decided to overpower it. I mean, I love being a strong, empowered woman, but does it have to apply to EVERYTHING?! I eventually returned to the revolving cupboard door of drug store brands, using them til they failed and moving on.

It would seem that since my earlier adventures into finding the perfect natural de-smell-ulator, the world of natural products has come a long way. A few months ago I made an impulse purchase at Sephora of The Healthy Deodorant from Lavanila Labaratories, and while it has a nice scent, it didn’t last very long. I went back to Mitchum and figured my quest for a decent product was over.

Then I recently saw someone post about a product called Piper Wai. She had been on a similar quest and this seemed to be doing the trick. So, I placed my order. (And direct from the PW website, because for some reason it was three times as expensive on Amazon.)

piper-wai-pasteSo far so good! It’s been over two weeks and this stuff is working. It doesn’t fail by the end of the day, and it keeps me moisture AND smell-free. It’s initially a bit odd to apply as it’s a grey paste, but I got over that and it washes off your hands easily. It blends in and dries clear, so it doesn’t leave that tell-tale white stain on your clothes. It has a light, pleasant scent that is neither masculine or feminine.

Our 9 year-old son has some particularly odorous funk and he frequently overpowers his all-natural, unscented Trader Joe’s deodorant. I tried Piper Wai on him one day and it SEEMED to be effective, but I will have to try it on him for a week or so to see if it’s a true match for his powers.

So what IS Piper Wai? According to their website, “PiperWai is the first naturally powerful, aluminum-free deodorant that uses activated charcoal to absorb wetness and fight odor. Natural ingredients like organic coconut oil, shea butter, and pure vitamin E soothe even the most sensitive skin.” And it doesn’t block your sweat glands like traditional antiperspirants.

Plus, it’s the brain child of a regular girl, just like us, who was sick of all the chemicals. She made her first batch in her kitchen blender and later formed the company with her former lemonade stand “business partner” from childhood. So it’s got a great story, which always makes me love a company and its products even more.

Piper Wai gets two thumbs up from me!