Whether it be celebrating your holiday of choice or just spending a relaxing evening, it’s nice to be able to enjoy a glass of wine. But what will you give up to make up for the calories? The roasted potatoes? The scoop of ice cream?

I hate the concept of having to “give up” foods you love. My whole journey has been about balance, and a lifestyle change that restricted my choices too much wasn’t going to work for me. If it means an extra long run or workout on a day I knew we were having a big meal, so be it. 
Well, alcohol companies are getting smart. People are getting healthier and reducing their consumption to avoid drinking their calories, so what  do you do? Make products with fewer calories! You’ve likely seen the commercials for the 64 calorie beer, but now the shelves are starting to stock low calorie wine! 
I’ve found two so far, Skinny Girl by Bethenny Frankel and Skinny Grape. Skinny Grape gives you marginally more wine for your 80 calories at 142ml (versus 125ml for Skinny Girl). It’s not a massive reduction in calories compared to a standard wine, but you could save yourself about 100 cals per glass, depending on the size of the glass. 
Here are the labels and nutritional info:

And the wine is not bad! I’ve had more expensive, “fancier” wines that have tasted worse. Both offer a decent taste and are completely drinkable. 
On the Skinny Girl website they list a whole whack of additional varietals which I have yet to see in stores, but you better believe I will be hunting down that Prosecco for Christmas morning! 
As they say, drink responsibly. And enjoy!