Since I went back to work at the end of my maternity leave with my son, I have held the title of WORKING MOM. I have always worked outside the home. And I love my job. I love working, but when work is done I want to be at home. I want to be with my family, I want to be taking care of my house, I want to be AT HOME.

It’s probably why I am so freaking passionate about working out at home. If I went out of the house for all the self care stuff I COULD do, I would never be here. And with Mr Awesome being the truly awesome primary caregiver during the week, I can tell you right now THAT would not fly. Can you imagine if I left home for hair appointments (okay, that one is non negotiable), the gym, facials, massages, manis and pedis, AND my job? I might look and smell amazing but I would NEVER see my family.

Yes, I have a monthly hair appointment, because the grey is trying to win the battle. And maybe an occasional massage when necessary. Once a year I get “good” nails done for our big Canada Day event. But pretty much the rest of the time I do self care stuff at home, because I have found different products that give pretty awesome results without having to go out or spend the extra money. I do my nails at home, I do facials at home, I workout at home…and I want to share these tips with you! I’m making videos over on my Facebook page to show you each one, and the video is also below.

The first product I NEED to share (because it’s freaking amazing), is Dr Scholl’s Overnight Foot Cream. You put this stuff on your feet right before you go to bed. Literally RIGHT before bed, because once they’re all creamy you shove them under the covers and go to bed. The next morning, they are soft, virtually crack free, the dryness and roughness is gone…it’s BANANAS! This magic tube means that I can feel like I’ve had a pedicure without leaving home!

Absolutely, once in a while, a pedicure is necessary…and completely awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the pampering. But I can stretch the time between pedicures WAY longer by using this overnight cream.

I’ve had my tube so long that I needed to google to see if it was even still available and it looks like they may have rebranded it slightly, to the “DreamWalk” Ultra Overnight Foot Cream. La-dee-dah. I found it online at for just over $8.00, so it’s completely reasonable, especially when you factor in how long I’ve had this stuff. The picture on the left is what my tube looks like (and is potentially what’s still sold in Canada), and the picture on the right is the one that’s available now in the US.

The packaging:

Give it a try. It’s saved my feet on SO many occasions when I haven’t had the time, or I haven’t wanted to take the time, for a pedicure. And if you want to check out the video from my Facebook Live and actually see me using the stuff, it’s below. Let me know of you try it!