This series began because I had a realization that I am always finding products for self care that I can use at home. I realized it was because as a working mom that spends a ton of hours away from home, I don’t really want to spend even more time away if I don’t have to. Mom guilt? Maybe. And yes, sometimes it’s nice to sit in a salon chair for an hour or a massage chair having someone treat my feet with love, but for the most part if I can find an awesome solution that saves me money AND saves me having to spend even more time away, I will grab on tight.

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So let’s talk manis. I always feel better when I have professional looking hands. And my nails are not awesome. They are better than they used to be before I started getting better nutrition, but they’ve always been ridged and crack super easily. But going for regular manicures, and especially gel or Shellac because I need the extra strength, can get pricey. Even at those magic strip mall places that you discover by chance. And then you have to pay for removal, or else they TRASH your nails.

Just over a year ago my friend gave me two bottles of a new product she was repping – Essie Gel Couture. Now, I’ll be frank and tell you I don’t love regular Essie nail polish, so I was hesitant. But she insisted this was different. It’s a UV-free gel polish, and you use the colour and a clear top coat to activate it. It’s super easy to apply, and dries really quickly. You don’t even need to wait for the colour to fully dry before you apply the top coat. You probably need around 10 minutes to FULLY done, but I’m usually good after 5.

And here’s the kicker that I totally forgot to mention in my video that I did on my Facebook page (posted below) – you remove it with NAIL POLISH REMOVER. Just regular remover and a cotton swab, just like regular nail polish. No soaking. No wrapping your fingers in aluminum foil. Just wipe it off.

It comes in a ton of colours and you get probably get about 10 applications from one bottle. I tell EVERYONE about this!

You can get it at most drug stores – Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target…and in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart and London Drugs at least. Those are just the places I have found it. It costs about $11/bottle Cdn or $8/bottle US.

This stuff gives me awesome nails that are protected and stronger, it’s pennies for a manicure and I don’t have to take time away from my family! THAT is an awesome find in my book. Let me know if you try it!