Okay, this one isn’t necessarily AT HOME, I typically do this in the car on my drive to work. But I do consider this self care. And it’s not technically about saving money because there is a cost, but it’s cheaper than the traditional route. So with that vague introduction…

I love reading. I especially love crime fiction, and if it involves Washington, D.C., the CIA, FBI, international espionage – I’m in. But I rarely feel like I have TIME to read. This type of reading is typically saved for the once in a while vacations where the kids are with their grandparents and I can really dig in.

The other type of book I am obsessed with is personal development. When I started coaching it was part of our training to make personal development a daily ritual, even if it’s only 10 minutes. And I love that in theory, but I couldn’t help but ask WHEN?! Screaming kids, morning chaos, working all day, passing out from exhaustion at bedtime…when was I supposed to get this reading done?!

Then I discovered the magic solution to my reading woes. AUDIBLE.COM. It’s a website where you subscribe monthly, and you get 1 credit each month. You select your audio book of choice and it appears in their app on your phone where you can download and listen within seconds. MAGIC. My commutes to and from work are now all about the audio book and THAT is when I get my personal development done. WINNING.

Audible is an Amazon company so it’s all connected with your Amazon account. It’s $14.95 each month and then often they offer “buy 2 credits, get 1 free” offers to maximize your subscription. And their library is MASSIVE. Both fiction and non-fiction. A lot of them are read by the author themselves, and WAIT, that’s an important point. They offer a “play a sample” option. TAKE IT. I recently chose a book called No Limits by John C Maxwell. I REALLY want to read this book. I made the fateful mistake of not listening to the sample and I just can’t handle the narrator. It’s not the author, it’s someone else, and this gentlemen is a SLOW. TALKER. Like SLOOOW, with really weird pauses and emphasis. That might resonate with some people but it causes me an aggressive physical reaction that I don’t really think works for my whole “self care” philosophy.

But back to self care. I have found that doing this daily practice of personal development has made me a better person, a more positive person. A better wife, a better mom, more thoughtful about things, more strategic, a better coach, a better manager, a better leader…just BETTER. And happier. And there are books for ANYTHING you are going through or needing to work on. So whether you are able to find a magic pocket of time to actually read a physical book, or you listen to your books on Audible (or your local library’s audio book collection if they have one), I definitely recommend “reading” – I use this term loosely given this is about audio books – as an act of self care. It exercises your mind and your spirit.

Side note: My favourite book is The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. I’ve written and talked about it before and it’s AWESOME. Just get it. And get the Audible version so you can her Mel read it because her delivery is fantastic.

As I said, Audible has a massive library. And they do really well on the “We think you’ll like this” recommendations. Which can be dangerous but there’s always the Wish List option – which for me is safer than the Add to Cart option. AND!! On a bit of a side note, I just discovered today that they recently launched a KIDS’ COLLECTION. I am going to see if this works for my little man, and I think we will download a few for road trips!

The only downside for me is that because it’s a monthly subscription you never OWN the book, and I love books. But, on another topic of self care, I have WAY too many physical books taking space in our house and am constantly needing to clear out my shelves. So maybe this is actually helping me in other ways. And the monthly cost is WAY less than the cost of buying most books they list, so I am saving money.

I do love reading ACTUAL books, but for my personal development this is perfect. I recently joined a moms’ book club and our first meeting is in 3 weeks so I need to do some “real” reading, but I work well with a deadline so I will make it happen. I do have the physical book but if all else fails I know it’s on Audible. That’s not cheating, right? This is my first book club and I don’t want to break the rules.

Audible has seriously changed my life. I totally recommend it. Let me know if you try it, or if you already use it!

Here’s a video I shared on my Facebook page about Audible: