Whenever I start working with someone as they begin their fitness journey, there are a few questions I ask to get to know them and understand how I can best help them work toward their goals. I want to understand as much as possible about what they want, what’s held them back in the past, and what support they are looking for from me to help help them with success.

One of the things that we need to figure out before getting started is which at home workout program will be the best fit for them.

I don’t love the “one size fits all” approach, as everyone is different and what appeals to one person might not be the right fit for someone else. There are a ton of programs already at their fingertips for streaming, but we want to make sure they start with something that will be good from the beginning. Every celebrity trainer is different, every style of workout is different. The production style and studio “look” is even different for every program. In one of them they workout on an aircraft carrier or an airplane hangar! The great thing is you can always try something new if the first one doesn’t work out, because the workouts are literally ALL right there.


In order to pick the best program, there are three main questions I start with:

1. What is the goal you’d like to work toward? 

I ask this because this is the most important question as we begin to work together, but it will also help tell me what type of physical results they want. If their goal is weight loss, I will likely suggest a different option than if their goal was, say, bulking up and building muscle.

2. Is time a factor?

If available time is one of their top reasons why fitness hasn’t worked or been a priority for them in the past, I want to figure out why. If they are a parent with a full time job, time could definitely be a factor. BUT, and I stand by this, almost everyone can find time for a 30 minute workout. Especially when it’s in their own home and they don’t have to go anywhere. So, if time is a big factor for them as they’re getting started, I would definitely opt for suggesting one of the programs that are 30 minutes or less. There are quite a few of them, in all different styles of exercise.

3. What type of exercise to they enjoy most?

I want people to get excited, to be motivated, and to WANT to push play on their workouts. And I want that motivation to be sustainable. Sure, that excitement might not happen every day, but if we find something they enjoy doing they will be WAY more likely to stick with it. Do they like weights? Are they a cardio junkie? Are they intimidated by anything too intense but love dance fitness and Zumba? Do they need variety?

Putting it all together

By taking all this info and putting it together, I am then able to recommend one or more options for them to consider. I typically will send them a video or two to check out, so they can see the trainer in action and get a feel for the program. Then we decide on the best fit and get ready to start!

Ever since they launched the All Access membership where every single program is right there the second you log in, selecting a program has been so much easier. You can actually test drive a few and see what feels good. While I believe you will get the best results if you follow the calendar as set out, if you don’t love a particular workout within your program you can always try out a replacement option for that day. Maybe the cardio routine just doesn’t get your juices flowing, so you opt that day to go for a dance or kickboxing workout.

My goal is to help people feel excited and comfortable when starting on their health and fitness journey. They get support from me and from our accountability group, but having the right program from the beginning goes a long way in getting started right.


Here is a video I posted in my Facebook page about the questions I ask when getting started: