I made some very subtle changes to the header of this page. Does anyone even see it? It probably will go unnoticed to 100% of my readers but I want to share what the changes were and why I made them.

Here is the original:

Do you see it? Apart from the obvious font change, I made some edits to the language and to the road sign.

About a year ago my mum pointed our that the original language – “while trying to get healthy” – was no longer fully accurate. Since going through my weight loss and health transformation, I am pretty healthy. No “trying to get” about it. It’s a daily decision and an ongoing journey, but I do live a healthful life in general.

I also didn’t love the “But which way to sanity?!” anymore. It was SO appropriate when our kids were smaller, and for anyone that has read my earlier potty training rants you will know I did teeter on the brink for some time there. I’d like to think I am back to the world of sane people on MOST days, not completely lost as originally implied.

And on the topic of lost…I changed the road sign. I KNOW where I’m going, I just don’t always know which way the road will turn, but the destination is clear. I love this image that’s been floating around the internet for year, and is so very true:

The road to success is NOT a straight line. So while I know where I am ultimately headed, I anticipate some dips and turns along the way.

So like I said – minor changes, MAJOR meaning.