My son is The Boy Who Cried Pee. We began potty training about a month ago. At recommendations from friends, we went cold turkey on diapers, moving to underpants for everything except nighttime. I have to say, he’s doing pretty well. With the occasional accident, he does do his business on the potty most of the time. He knows if he says “Go pee” then we whisk him away to the bathroom and sit with him until he’s done, clapping and cheering at his accomplishments.

The problem is, sometimes he just wants the 3 minute visit and congratulations. He’ll announce his desires and we’ll rush to the loo, only to sit and wait for something that never comes. After about 5 of these in a day, I began to doubt his honesty, doing the math back to when he’d last been and what he’d consumed since. Is this something you want to risk? Not believing a toddler when he says he has to pee is a dangerous gamble.

I long for the day he’ll actually go in there by himself and sit down on his own to get ‘er done. But until that day comes, we still jump to attention the minute he even whispers those words. That is, with the exception of first thing in the morning. I know when he comes into our room first thing in the morning and claims he has to go, that he has in fact already been in his Pull-Up and is just trying to get me out of bed. I also know that the Pull-Up will hold while I grab a few more minutes of warmth under the covers. Yes, the Pull-Up might fail one day, but that is a gamble I’m willing to take at 6:00am.