I was recently given the opportunity to review a new fitness and weight loss book, The Debfit Method© Weight Loss Secrets by Deb Leblanc. Given my new found love of fitness and my weight loss success, I was curious to see what it was all about.

Leblanc is a Canadian author, and 20 year expert in the fitness and weight loss fields. There is a history of obesity in her family and she herself has struggled with weight issues over the years. Knowing that she’s been through the journey and can identify with the challenges her readers may be facing makes the book really accessible. That and her frank, easy writing style make it feel more like you’re getting advice from a friend that knows her stuff, as opposed to some distant doctor or muscle head that doesn’t understand what you’re going through.

A big component of The Debfit Method© is the 3-Day Cleanse, but given the fact that I’m still breastfeeding I wasn’t able to try it. The cool thing about this particular cleanse is that it doesn’t have you popping 40 capsules of supplements a day. In fact, it is basically supplement free. The one thing she does recommend is acidopholus, and has included acidopholus capsules in the cleanse “menu.”

Leblanc does stipulate that the 3-Day Cleanse will work best if you can lock yourself away for the whole time, running all your errands, doing all your cleaning, etc before you start. Perhaps one day Mr. Awesome will take the kids away for a weekend and I will actually be able to try it. For now, and until the little man stops interrupting my bathroom visits, I’ll have to wait to give it a try. I did read through the recipes and the plan, and not only does it look easy enough foodwise, but she also includes lots of time for naps! THAT is definitely enticing, so I may need to look at shipping off the family sooner than later…

A large portion of the book is 26 Trainer Tips, with everything from a “dry brushing” cellulite fix to strategies for managing cravings. They are all common sense concepts, some you will have heard before and some that might be new information, but put together it’s a great list of tips aimed at making your fitness journey better and your body and mind healthier.

One of the things I like best about this book is her direct approach. She doesn’t beat around the bush and basically tells her readers that it is going to be hard work. There is no magic pill, no quick fix to losing weight and getting fit. If you only answer “I think so” to the question of whether or not you’re dedicated to losing weight, Leblanc goes so far as to suggest putting the book away for a while until you’re ready to fully commit. I like this style, because as you know from my post about excuses, I’m tired of people complaining and making excuses for why they can’t get fit. If you’re going to do it, DO IT! There is no time like the present!

To learn more about Deb Leblanc, you can visit her website at www.debfit.com. You can order a copy of The Debfit Method© Weight Loss Secrets on Amazon.