You can have all the equipment, the snazzy new workout gear, the DVDs or gym pass, the water bottle marked out by the hour to ensure consumption, only healthy food in your fridge…and you will probably go hard and stay committed for the first few weeks. Then you might start to falter.
What is missing?
Two of the key ingredients in lasting success when it comes to fitness goals are SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY.

A workout buddy, a personal trainer, even just committing to a workout publicly can give you accountability. You also need cheerleaders – people that will lift you up and keep you going through the hills and valleys of your journey. Whether this comes from your significant other, your circle of friends or co-workers – or a circle of people online that have come together to motivate and inspire one another.

When I was going through the initial “pre-goal” phase of my weight loss, I had an incredible network of people supporting me – I still do. I started this blog and its subsequent Facebook page to make my journey public as added accountability. It’s been phenomenal, but what has really kicked things into high gear has been creating a private motivational group on Facebook.

Team Fit & Focused is a group of people all interested in living healthier lives, all at different stages of achieving their fitness goals. We support, motivate, encourage and inspire one another to keep going. We share struggles and successes. We do monthly challenges, “pop-up” challenges, share recipes, inspirational quotes…anything and everything to keep us on track towards our targets, whatever they may be.

An extension of this team are the challenge groups I run for specific programs. Everyone in the private group is doing the same program on the same timeline. They ask questions, post their workouts, share challenges with tricky moves, and generally just support each other through the 21, 30, 60 or 90 days of the program. At home workouts become a group experience. They are not doing the program alone, they have a whole team behind them helping them succeed.

Whether you start your own group or join an existing one, I absolutely encourage you to add this “tool” to your fitness tool kit. I am accountable to my team both to stay on track with my own fitness, and to help keep my team-mates on track. I have never felt so inspired or committed in the five years since I began this journey.

Do you need some added accountability and support to help you achieve your health and fitness goals? Email me or message me on Facebook to join our team!