Because I know you’ve all been sitting around with bated breath, just desperate for an update on the little man’s potty training saga, here we are. (For any new readers, you can catch up quickly through such posts as “We Suck at Potty Training, Or Why Pull Ups Should Sponsor Me,” “Okay, Seriously. I HATE Potty Training,” or “Potty Training #2.” They’re a thrill a minute.)

Well, seventeen months into potty training he has now pretty much mastered pee. He tells us, or usually just runs in and does his business on his own. Aiming is another story, but we’re picking our battles.

As for the P-O-O-P (we spell everything now)…not so much. We’re pretty much exactly where we were seventeen months ago, but with a lot more screaming about sitting on the toilet. And I say toilet because he is now too big for the potty. He used to sit to pee but now he stands and, like I said, we’re picking our battles…for now.

A couple of weeks ago we had an appointment with a pediatrician to talk about this situation and a couple of other questions. Basically, we wanted to make sure we hadn’t done something to scar him for life, ensuring he would remain in Pull Ups for all eternity. We took the doctor through the Awesome history of potty training, through the many trials and tribulations. He was lovely and assured us that nothing was wrong, we were still good parents.

What he did do was “prescribe” six months of not talking about the poop AT ALL. We can talk about the pee and encourage him to go, but when the poop hits the fan we just calmly accept that it’s happened, clean it up and move on with your day.

It seems a little too “duh,” but it has really made a difference to have that six month time frame. We always felt under the gun before, wondering WHEN it was going to magically start working. Now, it doesn’t really matter. Yes, I absolutely hope it happens at some point in the next six months, but we’re a lot more relaxed now.

Technically they won’t let him attend the coming preschool year if he’s not fully potty trained, but as long as we can get him to pee at school I think we’ll squeak by unnoticed.

So for now, this is the plan. He’s definitely a lot more relaxed about it too, which is a good thing. I feel so ashamed that we were stressing him out through our stress. Poor little guy.

In other news, the little miss has decided to potty train herself. At 20 months old she tells us when she has to go, sits on the potty and does her business. It’s only about 75% of the time, but it is AWESOME. We’re going through diapers at a fraction of the rate we used to, and she is so proud of herself, asking for high fives every time.

It’s just as well that she’s taken it upon herself, actually, as we obviously don’t know what the heck we’re doing.