I have been away from the gym for more than a week. Last Sunday Mr. Awesome and I walked all over downtown Vancouver experiencing the last day of the Olympics, and I did the Biggest Loser’s Last Chance Workout DVD on Tuesday, but that’s it for exercise for the week. This is the first time I haven’t had at least 4 days of exercise/week since starting Weight Watchers on December 18.

(Let me pump myself up just a little by explaining that the reason I’ve been off is because I’ve had a knock-down, drag ’em out sore throat and cold for over a week. I didn’t feel able to do ANYTHING most days, let alone work out.)

Now I’m scared. In the past I have slipped a little, then a lot, then abandoned all efforts completely. Things feel different this time, but I’m still scared. I absolutely HAVE TO go to the gym tomorrow. And I have to make it a good workout, because there are always a few signs that I’m starting to lose momentum and a “cheat” workout is one of them. One cheat workout leads to another, and so on and so on.

I guess I’m writing about it here to make it real, and to ensure I actually do get back on track. I’m back at the gym as of 9am tomorrow morning and this week will be just a blip. A big scary blip that I will not let win. 26.2 lbs down and I’m not stopping now!