The Story of Team Navigate

For years now, this blog and my Facebook like page have gone under the name Finding My Weigh. It’s a name that continues to resonate with me personally, as I still feel I am finding my way through this health and fitness journey, towards an ever-evolving destination.

As we started to really talk about building our team of coaches, I wanted a name that reflected this sentiment, but the name didn’t feel right. I didn’t want it to be MY way, because it’s not about me – it’s about the team. I didn’t want it to be “weigh,” because it’s not all about weight and the fitness journey is different for everyone. But what to call it?TEAM NAVIGATE

We wanted something that was connected to Finding My Weigh, but meant something more and spoke more about what we do as coaches. And what DO we do? We help people figure stuff out. Whether it’s their health and fitness or building their own coaching business, we help them set their goals and figure out how they will achieve them – “plot their course,” if you will. We help NAVIGATE them through their process, we GUIDE them along the way, we help them reach their destination. We help them FIND THEIR WAY. Perfect.

And with that, Team Navigate was born. As a team of coaches, our mission is clear.



Verb. Pronunciation: /ˈnavəˌɡāt/

Source: Oxford Dictionary

  1. [NO OBJECT] Plan and direct the route or course of a ship, aircraft, or other form of transportation, especially by using instruments or maps: they navigated by the stars
  2. [NO OBJECT, WITH ADVERBIAL OF DIRECTION] Travel on a desired course after planning a route: he taught them how to navigate across the oceans
  3. (Of an animal) find its way, especially over a long distance: whales use their own inbuilt sonar system to navigate
  4. (Of a passenger in a vehicle) assist the driver by reading the map and planning a route: we’ll go in my car—you can navigate
  5. [WITH OBJECT] Sail or travel over a stretch of water or terrain, especially carefully or with difficulty: ships had been lost while navigating the narrowsthe drivers skillfully navigated a twisting and muddy course